Aerosol and Air Quality Research

Aerosol and Air Quality Research
 (AAQR) is published monthly as an open-access journal. As a nonprofit journal since 2001, AAQR has primarily been funded by the Taiwan Association for Aerosol Research and partially by Taiwan funding agencies, and it has not collected any fees from authors or readers. With the marked increase of manuscripts submitted and articles published in recent years, AAQR has decided to collect publication fees from the authors of accepted manuscripts to ensure the continuous offering of high-quality service, rapid publication, and unrestricted access to online papers.

Publication Fee Policy

The publication fees are determined according to the type of article and number of printed pages, as listed in the following table. The service taxes are included. The publication fees may be subject to periodic revisions, and the fee that is applied is the one that is valid at the time of article submission. Our charge per published article is among the lowest levied by any open-access journal (see the price list). The income will be used for peer review management, website management, journal production, open-access online publication, archiving papers, inviting review paper and awards.


Publication fees are waived if the first or corresponding authors are AAQR editors or board members. Publication fees are also waived for articles that are invited for publication by the Editors-in-Chief of AAQR. A discount may be applied for authors from countries that are characterized by the World Bank as low-income and lower-middle income. See the list of countries here.


On submission, the submitting author must confirm that he or she will pay the publication fees if the article is accepted for publication. The submitting author is responsible for the publication fee payment. When final formatting corrections are made and the author approves his or her article for publication, the author is directed to complete the Author Publication Fee Payment form to choose the preferred method of payment. Payment of the publication fees must be received before the article can be published online. No fees are collected for manuscripts that are not accepted for publication.

 Publication fees beginning on December 15, 2022

   Types of article

≤10 pages*

 11–14 pages*

≥ 15 pages*

   Original and Review articles




   Data Reports, Focus Articles,       Short Communication, and           Technical Notes


   Rapid publication

 Additional fee of $300 for publication within next two issues after acceptance.

*The number of "typeset" pages, not manuscript pages. 

Payment Methods

Payment can be made by credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer and should be completed immediately to expedite production and publication processes. Details on how to make the payment are sent to the author after his or her article is accepted for publication. If the author chooses to pay by Credit Card or PayPal, then the instructions and link to make the payment are sent to the submitting author’s email address. The author must click the link, which takes him or her to the payment page. The author can then make the payment by using a secure gateway. Payment upon invoice is due within 30 days of receipt of an invoice. A receipt of the amount paid is sent to the submitting author within 1 week after the payment has been received.

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