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AAQR Peer-Review Process and Policy (Click here to enlarge the image)

  1. The editorial office will first screen all manuscripts. Manuscripts that are out of the scope of AAQR, lack originality, lack basic scientific quality, have poor English language quality, or are not formatted according to AAQR requirements will be returned to the author for corrections (unsubmitted) or rejected. All manuscripts will also be subjected to cross-reference checks for plagiarism. After meeting all requirements, manuscripts will be assigned to the Editor-in-chief (EIC). Step 1 usually takes less than 7 days.

  2. According to the subject, the EIC will assign the manuscript to an editor, who has experience and expertise in that subject. The editor will handle and oversee the peer review process. This step normally takes less than 7 days.

  3. The handling editor will invite at least two experts for review. This reviewer selection and invitation process usually takes about 14 days. AAQR adopts single-blind review, in which the reviewers’ identities are kept anonymous.

  4. Upon agreeing, the reviewers are asked to return the evaluation reports within 21 days, including review comments and recommendation. Recommendations include Accept, Minor Revision, Major Revision, and Reject. In the event of a final decision with “Accept” or “Reject” proceed to Step 7, otherwise, to Step 5.

  5. After receiving all evaluation reports, the handling editor will communicate the decision of required revisions, along with reviewers’ comments, to the authors. This step normally takes less than 7 days.

  6. The authors must respond to all comments, and make appropriate revisions. A “Major Revision” is to be resubmitted within 28 days, whereas a “Minor Revision” within 14 days. Upon receiving the revised manuscript, the handling editor will carry out a 2nd round review (Steps 3 and 4). If required, more rounds of review will follow. Revised manuscripts preferably will be returned to the initial reviewers for re-evaluation.

  7. After receiving all evaluation reports, the handling editor will communicate the final decision to the authors. In some cases, the editor may make the decision based on only one reviewer’s report, along with his/her own evaluation. The decision of the editor(s) is final. The acceptance letter will be sent to the AAQR’s production office, and authors are requested to complete an online Open Access Agreement Form. This step normally takes about 7 days.

  8. Accepted manuscripts are then watermarked “Accepted Manuscript”, assigned with DOI numbers and immediately posted online as in-press articles. After typesetting and language check/editing, the production office will contact the authors for proofreading and publication payment.

  9. After receiving the proof and payment, the production office will publish the final revised typeset manuscript online.

On average, it takes approximately 60 days from submission to final decision, during which typically consists of two rounds of peer review, i.e., review of the original (R0) and the revised (R1) manuscripts.

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