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Volume 17, Issue 1, January 2017

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Analysis of Beta Attenuation Monitor Filter Rolls for Particulate Matter Speciation

Suresh Raja, Sriraam R. Chandrasekaran, Lin Lin, Xiaoyan Xia, Philip K. Hopke , Kalliat T. Valsaraj

Characterizing Particle Size Distributions of Crystalline Silica in Gold Mine Dust

Lauren G. Chubb , Emanuele G. Cauda

Analysing Temporal Trends in the Ratios of PM2.5/PM10 in the UK

Said Munir

Single-Particle Characterizations of Ambient Aerosols during a Wintertime Pollution Episode in Nanning: Local Emissions vs. Regional Transport

Tingting Xu, Hong Chen, Xiaohui Lu, Deborah S. Gross, Xin Yang , Zhaoyu Mo, Zhiming Chen, Huilin Liu, Jingying Mao, Guiyun Liang

A Chamber Study of Secondary Organic Aerosol (SOA) Formed by Ozonolysis of d-Limonene in the Presence of NO

Fei Chen, Hao Zhou, Jixi Gao, Philip K. Hopke

Effects of Polluted Air-Masses Advection on Atmospheric Particles in a Semi-Rural Site in South Italy by SEM-EDX Analysis

Antonio Lettino, Mariarosaria Calvello , Francesco Esposito, Saverio Fiore, Marina Lorusso, Giulia Pavese

The Concentrations, Formations, Relationships and Modeling of Sulfate, Nitrate and Ammonium (SNA) Aerosols over China

Zhaoyu Cao, Xuehua Zhou , Yujie Ma, Linpeng Wang, Ruidong Wu, Bing Chen , Wenxing Wang

A Typical Formation Mechanism of Heavy Haze-Fog Induced by Coal Combustion in an Inland City in North-Western China

Tingna Liu, Guoshun Zhuang , Kan Huang , Jing Lin, Qiongzhen Wang, Congrui Deng, Joshua S. Fu

Light Absorbing Properties of Brown Carbon Generated from Pyrolytic Combustion of Household Biofuels

Tejas Rathod, Sanjay Kumar Sahu, Mahesh Tiwari, Ajmal Yousaf, Rahul C. Bhangare, Gauri Girish Pandit