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Volume 14, Issue 5, August 2014

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Influence of Back Electrostatic Field on the Collection Efficiency of an Electrostatic Lunar Dust Collector

Nima Afshar-Mohajer, Yatit Thakker, Chang-Yu Wu , Nicoleta Sorloaica-Hickman

Traffic Particles in Ambient Air of a Major US Urban Area: Has Anything Changed over a Decade?

Sergey A. Grinshpun , Mikhail Yermakov, Tiina Reponen, Mark Simmons, Grace K. LeMasters, Patrick H. Ryan

Filtration and Length Determination of Airborne Carbon Nanotubes in the Submicrometer Range Using Nanofiber Filters

Yeon Kyoung Bahk, Jing Wang

Effect of Ambient Temperature and Fuel on Particle Number Emissions on Light-Duty Spark-Ignition Vehicles

Kento T. Magara-Gomez, Michael R. Olson, Jerome E. McGinnis, Mang Zhang, James J. Schauer

Mobile Particle and NOx Emission Characterization at Helsinki Downtown: Comparison of Different Traffic Flow Areas

Tero Lähde, Jarkko V. Niemi, Anu Kousa, Topi Rönkkö, Panu Karjalainen, Jorma Keskinen, Anna Frey, Risto Hillamo, Liisa Pirjola

Particulate Matter and Number Concentrations of Particles Larger than 0.25 μm in the Urban Atmosphere of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Tareq Hussein , Mansour A. Alghamdi, Mamdouh Khoder, Ahmad S. AbdelMaksoud, Hisham Al-Jeelani, Mohammad K. Goknil, Ibrahim I. Shabbaj, Fahd M. Almehmadi, Antti Hyvärinen, Heikki Lihavainen, Kaarle Hämeri

Microstructure and Chemical Composition of Diesel and Biodiesel Particle Exhaust

Olga B. Popovicheva , Elena D. Kireeva, Sandro Steiner, Barbara Rothen-Rutishauser, Natalia M. Persiantseva, Mikhail A. Timofeev, Nataljia K. Shonija, Pierre Comte, Jan Czerwinski

Intra-Annual Deposition of Atmospheric 210Pb,210Po and the Residence Times of Aerosol in Xiamen, China

Zhou Wang, Weifeng Yang , Min Chen, Peng Lin, Yusheng Qiu

Analysis of CO2 Migration during Nanofluid-Based Supercritical CO2 Geological Storage in Saline Aquifers

Duoxing Yang , Shu Wang, Yi Zhang

Indoor VOCs from Religious and Ritual Burning Practices in India

Shamsh Pervez , Shippi Dewangan, Rajan Chakrabarty, Barbara Zielinska

Characteristics of Aerosol Optical Properties and Their Chemical Apportionments during CAREBeijing 2006

Tingting Han, Xingang Liu , Yuanhang Zhang, Yu Qu, Jianwei Gu, Qiang Ma, Keding Lu, Hezhong Tian, Jing Chen, Limin Zeng, Min Hu, Tong Zhu

Novel Technique for Profiling of Aerosol, Ozone and Water Vapor during Winter Using Mobile Radiometers over a Hilltop Station

Panuganti China Sattilingam Devara , Sunil Manohar Sonbawne, Sanjoy Kumar Saha

Cluster Analysis for Daily Patterns of SO2 and NO2 Measured by the DOAS System in Xiamen

Peng Shi, Pin-Hua Xie, Min Qin, Fu-Qi Si, Ke Dou, Ke Du

Experimental Research on a Process for the Recycling of Yellow Phosphorous Tail Gas to Produce Formic Acid

Baoqing Liu, Mingqiang Chen, Yikun Zhang, Luyan Qian, Zhijiang Jin

PM2.5 Emissions from Hand-Held Sparklers: Chemical Characterization and Health Risk Assessment

Raghu Betha, Rajasekhar Balasubramanian

Air Quality Prediction of PM10 through an Analytical Dispersion Model for Delhi

Anikender Kumar, P. Goyal

Evaluation of the Changes of the Concentration, Composition and Possible Sources of Size-Resolved Particulate Matter between 2010 and 2011 in a Western Chinese Mega City

Yu-Fen Zhang, Hong Xu, Gui-Rong Liu, Ying-Ze Tian, Guo-Liang Shi , Jian-Hui Wu, Pu Zhang, Lai-Dong Zhou, Yin-Chang Feng

Speciated PM10 Emission Inventory for Delhi, India

Prashant Gargava , Judith C. Chow, John G. Watson, Douglas H. Lowenthal

Source Apportionment for Water Soluble Organic Matter of Submicron Aerosol: A Comparison between Foggy and Nonfoggy Episodes

Daya S. Kaul, Tarun Gupta, Sachchida N. Tripathi

Development and Validation of a Methodology for Characterization of Sodium Aerosols in Cover Gas Region

Amit Kumar, Venkatesan Subramanian, Ramakrishnan Baskaran , Subramanian Krishnakumar, Sivasubramanian Chandramouli, Balasubramanian Venkatraman