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Volume 13, Issue 6, December 2013

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Elemental Concentration in Atmospheric Particulate Matter: Estimation of Nanoparticle Contribution

Silvia Canepari , Franco Padella, Maria Luisa Astolfi, Elisabetta Marconi, Cinzia Perrino

Numerical Simulations of Asian Dust-Aerosols and Regional Impact on Weather and Climate- Part I: Control Case-PRCM Simulation without Dust-Aerosols

Wen-Yih Sun , Kate Jr-Shiuan Yang, Neng-Huei Lin

Numerical Simulations of Asian Dust-Aerosols and Regional Impact on Weather and Climate- Part II: PRCM-Dust Model Simulation

Wen-Yih Sun , Kate Jr-Shiuan Yang, Neng-Huei Lin

Air Quality over the Yangtze River Delta during the 2010 Shanghai Expo

Yanfen Lin, Kan Huang , Guoshun Zhuang , Joshua S. Fu, Chang Xu, Jiandong Shen, Shuyan Chen

Ultrafine Particle Generation through Atomization Technique: The Influence of the Solution

Luca Stabile , Conchita Vargas Trassierra, Gianfranco Dell’Agli, Giorgio Buonanno

Evaluation of the Airborne Particles Fraction Responsible for Adverse Health Effects

Boris Gorbunov, Robert Muir , Philip Jackson, Nicholas D. Priest

Particle Concentration on Freeways: Affecting Factors and a Simple Model Development

David C. Fung, Qunfang Zhang, William C. Hinds, Yifang Zhu

Regional Deposition of Submicrometer Aerosol in the Human Respiratory System Determined at 1-s Time Resolution of Particle Size Distribution Measurements

Pasquale Avino , Francesco Lopez, Maurizio Manigrasso

Spatial Distribution and Temporal Variation in Ambient Ozone and Its Associated NOx in the Atmosphere of Jeddah City, Saudi Arabia

Ibrahim A. Hassan , Jalal M. Basahi, Iqbal M. Ismail, Tutki M. Habeebullah

Indoor Air Quality in Two University Sports Facilities

Célia A. Alves , Ana I. Calvo, Amaya Castro, Roberto Fraile, Margarita Evtyugina, Enow F. Bate-Epey

The Influence of Physically Doping NaCl with Other Salts on Aerosol and Solion Generation

Ion Sandu , Maria Canache, Tudor Lupascu, Marin Chirazi, Ioan Gabriel Sandu, Constantin Pascu

Temporal and Spatial Variations in Ambient Air Quality during 1996–2009 in Bangkok, Thailand

Pornpun Watcharavitoon, Chia-Pin Chio, Chang-Chuan Chan

Applicability of LIVE/DEAD BacLight Stain with Glutaraldehyde Fixation for the Measurement of Bacterial Cell Concentration and Viability in the Air

Kotaro Murata, Daizhou Zhang

Statistical Characteristics of Ambient PM2.5 Concentration at a Traffic Site in Delhi: Source Identification Using Persistence Analysis and Nonparametric Wind Regression

Asha B. Chelani

Development of Porous Template Carbons from Montmorillonite Clays and Evaluation of Their Toluene Adsorption Behaviors

Zeng-Yei Hseu, Hsing-Cheng Hsi , Jhih-Siang Syu, Li-Chun Wang

Emission Reductions of Carbonyl Compounds in a Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Supplemented with H2/O2 Fuel

Hsin-Kai Wang, Kang-Shin Chen , Yuan-Chung Lin

Size Distribution and Source Apportionment of Airborne Metallic Elements in Nanjing, China

Xin Hu , Zhuhong Ding, Yun Zhang, Yuanyuan Sun, Jichun Wu, Yijun Chen, Hongzhen Lian

Dispersion and Risk Assessment of Bacterial Aerosols Emitted from Rotating-Brush Aerator during Summer in a Wastewater Treatment Plant of Xi’an, China

Yanpeng Li , Haifeng Zhang, Xionghui Qiu, Yanru Zhang, Huanran Wang

Evaluation of NOx, SOx and CO2 Emissions of Taiwan’s Thermal Power Plants by Data Envelopment Analysis

Chia Hao Liu, Sue J. Lin , Charles Lewis

Field Applications for NOx Removal from Flue Gas in a Biotrickling Filter by Chelatococcus daeguensis TAD1

Yunlong Yang, Shaobin Huang , Yongqing Zhang, Fuqian Xu

Spatial and Temporal Variation of Chemical Composition and Mass Closure of Ambient PM10 in Tianjin, China

Tianru Ni, Penghui Li, Bin Han, Zhipeng Bai , Xiao Ding, Qianwen Wang, Jing Huo, Bing Lu

Air Pollution, Allergic Co-morbidity, and Emergency Department Visit for Pediatric Asthma in Taiwan

Bing-Yu Chen, Chi-Hsien Chen, Pau-Chung Chen, Gen-Shuh Wang, Yue Leon Guo

Real-Time Performance of the microAeth® AE51 and the Effects of Aerosol Loading on Its Measurement Results at a Traffic Site

Yu-Hsiang Cheng , Meng-Hsien Lin

Rapid and Simple Determination of Multi-Elements in Aerosol Samples Collected on Quartz Fiber Filters by Using EDXRF Coupled with Fundamental Parameter Quantification Technique

Tomoaki Okuda , Eiji Fujimori, Kazuki Hatoya, Hideshige Takada, Hidetoshi Kumata, Fumiyuki Nakajima, Shiro Hatakeyama, Masao Uchida, Shigeru Tanaka, Kebin He, Yongliang Ma, Hiroki Haraguchi

Water Soluble Ionic Species in Atmospheric Aerosols: Concentrations and Sources at Agra in the Indo-Gangetic Plain (IGP)

Aparna Satsangi, Tripti Pachauri, Vyoma Singla, Anita Lakhani, K. Maharaj Kumari