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Volume 13, Issue 3, June 2013

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Emission Scenarios and the Health Risks Posed by Priority Mobile Air Toxics in an Urban to Regional Area: An Application in Nashville, Tennessee

L.A. Díaz-Robles, J.S. Fu , G.D. Reed

Characterization of PM10 Sources and Ambient Air Concentration Levels at Megalopolis City (Southern Greece) Located in the Vicinity of Lignite-Fired Plants

M. Manousakas, K. Eleftheriadis, H. Papaefthymiou

Ship-Borne Measurements of Columnar and Surface Aerosol Loading over the Bay of Bengal during W-ICARB Campaign: Role of Airmass Transport, Latitudinal and Longitudinal Gradients

Kanike Raghavendra Kumar , V. Sivakumar, R.R. Reddy, K. Rama Gopal

Assessment of the Contribution of Wildfires to Ozone Concentrations in the Central US-Mexico Border Region

Marie-Cecile Chalbot , Ilias G. Kavouras, David W. Dubois

Field Application of a Newly Developed Personal Nanoparticle Sampler to Selected Metalworking Operations

Li-Hao Young, Yun-Hua Lin, Tzu-Hsien Lin, Perng-Jy Tsai , Ying-Fang Wang, Shao-Ming Hung, Chuen-Jinn Tsai, Chun-Wan Chen

Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Variability of PM10 Concentrations Using MODIS Aerosol Optical Thickness in the Pearl River Delta Region, China

Junyu Zheng , Wenwei Che, Zhuoyun Zheng, Liangfu Chen, Liuju Zhong

Feasibility of Generating Peaks of Bioaerosols for Laboratory Experiments

Xavier Simon , Philippe Duquenne

Dimensional and Chemical Characterization of Airborne Particles in Schools: Respiratory Effects in Children

L. Stabile , G. Buonanno, P. Avino, F.C. Fuoco

Modeling Particulate Matter Concentrations in Makkah, Applying a Statistical Modeling Approach

Said Munir , Turki M. Habeebullah, Abdulaziz R. Seroji, Essam A. Morsy, Atef M.F. Mohammed, Waleed Abu Saud, Abdellatif E.A. Abdou, Abdul Hamid Awad

Measuring the Short-Term Emission Rates of Particles in the “Personal Cloud” with Different Clothes and Activity Intensities in a Sealed Chamber

Ruoyu You, Weilin Cui, Chun Chen, Bin Zhao

In Situ Rapid Evaluation of Indoor Bioaerosols Using an ATP Bioluminescence Assay

Chien-Jung Lin, Yi-Tun Wang, Kuo-Jung Hsien, Ying I. Tsai , Pei-Yi Kung, Jih-Ming Chyan

Atmospheric Arsenic Deposition in Chiayi County in Southern Taiwan

Long-Full Lin, Shu Hsien Wu, Sheng-Lun Lin , John Kennedy Mwangi, Yi-Ming Lin, Chia-Wei Lin, Lin-Chi Wang, Guo-Ping Chang-Chien

A Monitoring and Modeling Study to Investigate Regional Transport and Characteristics of PM2.5 Pollution

Jianlei Lang, Shuiyuan Cheng , Jianbing Li, Dongsheng Chen, Ying Zhou, Xiao Wei, Lihui Han, Haiyan Wang

Characteristics of PM2.5 Haze Episodes Revealed by Highly Time-Resolved Measurements at an Air Pollution Monitoring Supersite in Korea

Seung-Shik Park , Sun-A Jung, Bu-Joo Gong, Seog-Yeon Cho, Suk-Jo Lee

Characteristics and Sources of Carbonaceous Aerosols in PM2.5 during Wintertime in Agra, India

Tripti Pachauri, Aparna Satsangi, Vyoma Singla, Anita Lakhani, K. Maharaj Kumari

Agricultural Fires and Their Potential Impacts on Regional Air Quality over China

Shuping Zha, Shuanqin Zhang, Tiantao Cheng , Jianmin Chen , Guanghan Huang, Xiang Li, Quanfang Wang

Toxicity Evaluation of Fly Ash by Microtox®

San-Chyi Chang, Ya-Fen Wang , Sheng-Jie You, Yi-Ming Kuo, Cheng-Hsien Tsai, Lin-Chi Wang, Po-Yen Hsu

Correlation between the Antibacterial Ability of Silver Nanoparticle Coated Air Filters and the Dust Loading

Yun Haeng Joe, Wei Ju, Jae Hong Park, Young Hun Yoon, Jungho Hwang

Characterization of Organic Aerosol Particles Observed during Asian Dust Events in Spring 2010

Seung Shik Park , Sung Yong Cho

Experimental and Molecular Simulation Study for the Preparation of Ordered Mesoporous Carbons

Keliang Wang, Jianguo Zhao, Mingli Fu, Guangying Zhou, Bichun Huang, Daiqi Ye

Dust and Gas Emissions from Small-Scale Peat Combustion

Murnira Othman, Mohd Talib Latif

Airborne and Surface-Bound Microbial Contamination in Two Intensive Care Units of a Medical Center in Central Taiwan

Ping-Yun Huang, Zhi-Yuan Shi, Chi-Hao Chen, Walter Den , Hui-Mei Huang, Jaw-Ji Tsai

Minimum Collection Efficiency Particle Diameter during Precipitation as a Function of Rain Intensity

Chang H. Jung , Seoung Soo Lee, Soo Ya Bae, Yong P. Kim

Long-Term Variations of Airborne Cadmium (Cd) Concentrations in Major Urban Areas of Korea between 1991 and 2010

Subbroto Kumar Saha, Ki-Hyun Kim

Characteristics of Surface Ozone Concentrations at Stations with Different Backgrounds in the Malaysian Peninsula

Negar Banan, Mohd Talib Latif , Liew Juneng, Fatimah Ahamad

Reducing Emissions of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Greenhouse Gases from Engines Using a Novel Plasma-Enhanced Combustion System

Yuan-Chung Lin , Po-Ming Yang, Chung-Bang Chen

Heavy Metal Compositions and Bioreactivity of Airborne PM10 in a Valley-Shaped City in Northwestern China

Zhenghui Xiao, Longyi Shao , Ning Zhang, Jing Wang, Jianying Wang

Isolation of an Aerobic Denitrifying Bacterial Strain from a Biofilter for Removal of Nitrogen Oxide

Zhidao Wu, Shaobin Huang , Yunlong Yang, Fuqian Xu, Yongqing Zhang , Ran Jiang

Ambient Air Quality during Diwali Festival over Kolkata – A Mega-City in India

A. Chatterjee , C. Sarkar, A. Adak, U. Mukherjee, S.K. Ghosh, S. Raha

Asbestos Imaging and Detection with Differential Interference Contrast Microscopy

Iuliia Zarubiieva, Gi Byoung Hwang, Ji Sok Lee, Gwi-Nam Bae, Yoo-Mi Oh, Sun-Woo Park, Taik Jin Lee, Hyuk Jae Lee, Deok Ha Woo, Seok Lee, Myoung-Ock Cho, Jung Kyung Kim, Seong Chan Jun, Jae Hun Kim