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Volume 13, Issue 1, February 2013

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Distribution of Nanoparticles near a Major U.S. and Canada Trade Bridge: Comparison of Simulations with Field Data

Kambiz Nazridoust, Goodarz Ahmadi, Chaosheng Liu, Andrea R. Ferro, Timothy R. McAuley, Peter A. Jaques, Philip K. Hopke

Tempospatial Variation and Partition of Atmospheric Mercury during Wet and Dry Seasons at Sensitivity Sites within a Heavily Polluted Industrial City

Yi-Hsiu Jen, Chung-Shin Yuan , Chung-Hsuang Hung, Iau-Ren Ie, Cheng-Mou Tsai

Size-Resolved Respiratory Tract Deposition of Sub-Micrometer Aerosol Particles in a Residential Area with Wintertime Wood Combustion

Adam Kristensson , Jenny Rissler, Jakob Löndahl, Christer Johansson, Erik Swietlicki

Urban Aerosol Characteristics during the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai

Min Zhang, Jianmin Chen , Xianyao Chen , Tiantao Cheng, Yuanling Zhang, Hefeng Zhang, Aijun Ding, Meng Wang, Abdelwahid Mellouki

Absorption Spectrum of Ambient Aerosol and Its Correlation with Size Distribution in Specific Atmospheric Conditions after a Red Mud Accident

Ágnes Filep, Tibor Ajtai , Noémi Utry, Máté D. Pintér, Tünde Nyilas, Szabolcs Takács, Zsuzsanna Máté, András Gelencsér, András Hoffer, Martin Schnaiter, Zoltán Bozóki, Gábor Szabó

Identification of PM2.5 Sources Affecting a Semi-Arid Coastal Region Using a Chemical Mass Balance Model

Priya Subramoney, Saritha Karnae, Zuber Farooqui, Kuruvilla John , Ashok K. Gupta

Composition and Mass Closure of PM2.5 in Urban Environment (Athens, Greece)

E. Remoundaki , P. Kassomenos, E. Mantas, N. Mihalopoulos, M. Tsezos

Characterization and Spatiotemporal Variation of Urban Ambient Dust Fallout in Central India

Balakrishna Gurugubelli, Shamsh Pervez , Suresh Tiwari

Impact of Dust Storms on the Organic Composition in the Ambient Aerosol

Soo Hyun Kwon, Yong Pyo Kim, Ji Yi Lee

Comparison of Aerosol Products Retrieved from AERONET, MICROTOPS and MODIS over a Tropical Urban City, Pune, India

Sanjay More, P. Pradeep Kumar, Pawan Gupta, P.C.S. Devara, G.R. Aher

Numerical Simulation of the Acenaphthylene Compound in an Atmospheric Plasma Reactor to Treat Cooking Fumes

Hung-Chang Chang, Lien-Te Hsieh

Comparing the Performance of Teflon and Quartz Membrane Filters Collecting Atmospheric PM: Influence of Atmospheric Water

Cinzia Perrino , Silvia Canepari, Maria Catrambone

Seasonal Study of Primary and Secondary Sources of Carbonaceous Species in PM10 from Five Northern Chinese Cities

Ying-Ze Tian, Zhi-Mei Xiao, Bo Han, Guo-Liang Shi , Wei Wang , Hui-Ze Hao, Xiang Li, Yin-Chang Feng, Tan Zhu

Factors Affecting Filter Penetration and Quality Factor of Particulate Respirators

Sheng-Hsiu Huang, Chun-Wan Chen, Yu-Mei Kuo, Chane-Yu Lai, Roy McKay, Chih-Chieh Chen

Particulate Matter Toxicity Evaluation Using Bioindicators and Comet Assay

Pasqua Vernile, Maria Tutino, Giuseppe Bari, Martino Amodio, Matteo Spagnuolo, Gianluigi de Gennaro , Enrico de Lillo

Studies on a Severe Dust Storm in East Asia and Its Impact on the Air Quality of Nanjing, China

Xiao-Xian Huang, Ti-Jian Wang , Fei Jiang, Jing-Biao Liao, Yan-Feng Cai, Chang-Qin Yin, Jia-Lei Zhu, Yong Han

Characteristics of the Nanoparticles in a Road Tunnel

Mitsuhiko Hata , Tong Zhang, Linfa Bao, Yoshio Otani, Yunhe Bai, Masami Furuuchi

Investigation of Radiative Characteristics of the Kenyan Atmosphere due to Aerosols Using Sun Spectrophotometry Measurements and the COART Model

J.W. Makokha , H.K. Angeyo

Influence of CO and H2 Concentrations on Coal Gas Dechlorination by Supported Manganese Oxide Sorbent

Ting Ke Tseng,, Ling Wang,, Hsin Chu

Investigation of Arsenic Airborne in Particulate Matter around Caterers’ Wood Fires in the Cape Town Region

Rissa V. Niyobuhungiro , Harro von Blottnitz

Influences of Aeration and Biological Treatment on the Fates of Aromatic VOCs in Wastewater Treatment Processes

Wei-Hsiang Chen , Wen-Ben Yang, Chung-Shin Yuan , Jun-Chen Yang, Qing-Liang Zhao

Volatile Organic Compounds and Nonspecific Conjunctivitis: A Population-Based Study

Chia-Jen Chang, Hsi-Hsien Yang , Chin-An Chang, Hsien-Yang Tsai

Influence of Waste Cooking Oil Biodiesel on the Particulate Emissions and Particle Volatility of a DI Diesel Engine

Tian Lu, C.S. Cheung , Zhen Huang

Assessing the Hazardous Risks of Vehicle Inspection Workers’ Exposure to Particulate Heavy Metals in Their Work Places

Peng-Hui Li, Shao-Fei Kong, Chun-Mei Geng, Bin Han , Bing Lu, Ru-Feng Sun, Ruo-Jie Zhao, Zhi-Peng Bai

Reduction of Carbon Dioxide Emission by Using Microbial Fuel Cells during Wastewater Treatment

Bor Yann Chen , Shi-Qi Liu, Jhao Yin Hung, Tz Jau Shiau, Yu-Min Wang

Temporal Variation of Mass Absorption Efficiency of Black Carbon at Urban and Suburban Locations

Yang Wang, Szeling Liu, Peng Shi, Yanli Li, Chao Mu, Ke Du

Monthly and Seasonal Variations in Aerosol Associated n-alkane Profiles in Relation to Meteorological Parameters in New Delhi, India

Shweta Yadav, Ankit Tandon, Arun K. Attri

Particulate Emissions from Commercial Handheld Sparklers: Evaluation of Physical Characteristics and Emission Rates

Raghu Betha, Rajasekhar Balasubramanian

Physicochemical Characteristics and Source Apportionment of Atmospheric Aerosol Particles in Kinmen-Xiamen Airshed

Tsung-Chang Li, Wei-Hsiang Chen, Chung-Shin Yuan , Shui-Ping Wu, Xin-Hong Wang

Particle Size Distribution of Mainstream and Exhaled Cigarette Smoke and Predictive Deposition in Human Respiratory Tract

S.K. Sahu, M. Tiwari, R.C. Bhangare, G.G. Pandit

Application of Trajectory Clustering and Source Apportionment Methods for Investigating Trans-Boundary Atmospheric PM10 Pollution

Shuiyuan Cheng , Fang Wang, Jianbing Li , Dongsheng Chen, Mingjun Li, Ying Zhou, Zhenhai Ren

Emission Characteristics of Microbial Aerosols in a Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant in Xi’an, China

Yanpeng Li , Liwei Yang, Qinglong Meng, Xionghui Qiu, Yujie Feng

Applying the Membrane-Less Electrolyzed Water Spraying for Inactivating Bioaerosols

Chi-Yu Chuang, Shinhao Yang , Hsiao-Chien Huang, Chin-Hsiang Luo, Wei Fang, Po-Chen Hung, Pei-Ru Chung

CO2 Adsorption by Y-Type Zeolite Impregnated with Amines in Indoor Air

Shih Ching Lee, Chu Chin Hsieh , Chien Hung Chen, You Syuan Chen

Highly Time-Resolved Measurements of Secondary Ions in PM2.5 during the 2008 Beijing Olympics: The Impacts of Control Measures and Regional Transport

Xiaomei Gao, Wei Nie, Likun Xue, Tao Wang, Xinfeng Wang, Rui Gao, Wenxing Wang , Chao Yuan, Jian Gao, Kant Pathak Ravi, Jing Wang, Qingzhu Zhang

Study of Extreme CO, NO2 and O3 Concentrations at a Traffic Site in Delhi: Statistical Persistence Analysis and Source Identification

Asha B. Chelani

Removal of Odor-Causing Substances by a Pilot-Scale Oxidative-Reductive Scrubbing Tower System

Wei-Hsiang Chen, Yuan-Chung Lin , Jun-Hong Lin

Reduction in Motorcyclist Pollutant Exposure Intensity via the Aid of a Porous Front Fender and Rear Vent

Yao-Nan Wang, Jik Chang Leong, Jun-Yi Chen, Shiunn-Cheng Chuang, Chien-Hsiung Tsai

Autumn and Wintertime Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in PM2.5 and PM2.5–10 from Urumqi, China

Yi Li Mire A Bu Da Limu, Di Li Nuer Ta LiFu , A Bu Lizi Yi Miti, Xinming Wang, Xiang Ding

Hollow SiO2 Nanospheres: One-Step Synthesis by Introducing Guest Ag Nanoparticles and an Irradiating Electron Beam under Ambient Condition

Jin Hyoung Kim, Minsoo Son, Youngku Sohn, Weon Gyu Shin