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Volume 12, Issue 1, February 2012

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Exploring the Variation between EC and BC in a Variety of Locations

Gbenga Oladoyin Salako, Philip K. Hopke , David D. Cohen, Bilkis A. Begum, Swapan K. Biswas, Gauri Girish Pandit, Yong-Sam Chung, Shamsiah Abd Rahman, Mohd Suhaimi Hamzah, Perry Davy, Andreas Markwitz, Dagva Shagjjamba, Sereeter Lodoysamba, Wanna Wimolwattanapun, Supamatthree Bunprapob

Variability of Urban Aerosols over Santiago, Chile: Comparison of Surface PM10 Concentrations and Remote Sensing with Ceilometer and Lidar

Ricardo C. Muñoz , Ricardo I. Alcafuz

Variations in Mass of the PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 during the Monsoon and the Winter at New Delhi

S. Tiwari, D.M. Chate , P. Pragya, Kaushar Ali, Deewan Singh Bisht

Temporal Variations in Airborne Particulate Matter Levels at an Indoor Bus Terminal and Exposure Implications for Terminal Workers

Yu-Hsiang Cheng , Hsiao-Peng Chang, Jhih-Wei Yan

Potential Source Analysis for PM10 and PM2.5 in Autumn in a Northern City in China

Zong-shuang Wang , Ting Wu, Guo-liang Shi , Xiao Fu, Ying-ze Tian, Yin-chang Feng, Xue-fang Wu, Gang Wu, Zhi-peng Bai, Wen-jie Zhang

Impact of Different Household Fuel Use on Source Apportionment Results of House-Indoor RPM in Central India

Shamsh Pervez , Neha Dubey, John G. Watson, Judith Chow, Yasmeen Pervez

Chemical Characterization and Mass Closure of Fine Aerosol for Different Land Use Patterns in Mumbai City

Abba Elizabeth Joseph , Seema Unnikrishnan, Rakesh Kumar

Controlling Indoor Bioaerosols Using a Hybrid System of Ozone and Catalysts

Hsiao-Lin Huang , Mei-Guei Lee, Jen-Hsuan Tai

Characterization of Humic Acid-like Substances Extracted from Atmospheric Falling Dust Using Py-GC-MS

Jinping Zhao , Ping’an Peng, Jianzhong Song, Shexia Ma, Guoying Sheng, Jiamo Fu, Dongxing Yuan

The Effects of Precursor Emission and Background Concentration Changes on the Surface Ozone Concentration over Korea

H.J. Shin, K.M. Cho, J.S. Han, J.S. Kim, Y.P. Kim

Metal Corrosion of Al-Si-Cu Pattern Wafer Due to Chloride Ion Contaminants

Bi-Jun Wu, Hsunling Bai , I-Kai Lin, Hsiang-Hsing Liu

Monitoring and Dispersion Modeling of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) in the Ambient Air of Two Municipal Solid Waste Incinerators and a Coal-fired Power Plant

Li-Kai Tu, Yee-Lin Wu , Lin-Chi Wang , Guo-Ping Chang-Chien

Exploiting Potentials from Interdisciplinary Perspectives with Reference to Global Atmosphere and Biomass Burning Management

A.M.M. Maruf Hossain, Kihong Park

Emission reductions of Air Pollutants from a Heavy-duty Diesel Engine Mixed with Various Amounts of H2/O2

Hsin-Kai Wang, Chia-Yu Cheng, Yuan-Chung Lin, Kang-Shin Chen

Short Calculation of Particle Transport Properties in Hydrogen Gas

Byung Uk Lee