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Volume 10, Issue 6, December 2010

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The Emission and Distribution of PCDD/Fs in Municipal Solid Waste Incinerators and Coal-fired Power Plant

Wen-Yinn Lin, Yee-Lin Wu , Li-Kai Tu, Lin-Chi Wang, Xin Lu

Emissions of Polychlorinated Dibenzo-p-dioxin and Polychlorinated Dibenzofuran from Motorcycles

Shiunn-Cheng Chuang, Shui-Jen Chen , Kuo-Lin Huang, Guo-Ping Chang-Chien, Lin-Chi Wang, Yi-Chu Huang

Correlation between Light Intensity and Ozone Formation for Photochemical Smog in Urban Air of Seoul

Seung-Bok Lee, Gwi-Nam Bae , Young-Mee Lee, Kil-Choo Moon, Mansoo Choi

The Indoor and Outdoor Carbonaceous Pollution during Winter and Summer in Rural Areas of Shaanxi, China

Chong-Shu Zhu, Jun-Ji Cao , Chuen-Jinn Tsai, Zhen-Xing Shen, Kin-Fai Ho, Sui-Xin Liu

Seasonal Variation and Source Apportionment of Atmospheric Carbonyl Compounds in Urban Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Hsin-Kai Wang, Chin-Hung Huang, Kang-Shin Chen , Yen-Ping Peng

Effects of the Removal of 0.1 μm Particles in Industrial Cleanrooms with a Fan Dry Coil Unit (FDCU) Return System

Ti Lin, Yun-Chun Tung, Shih-Cheng Hu , Chen-Yen Lin

Exposure to Particulate Matter in Vehicle Cabins of Private Cars

Otmar Geiss , Josefa Barrero-Moreno, Salvatore Tirendi, Dimitrios Kotzias

Insights into Ammonium Particle-to-Gas Conversion: Non-sulfate Ammonium Coupling with Nitrate and Chloride

Huanhuan Du, Lingdong Kong, Tiaotao Cheng, Jianmin Chen , Xin Yang, Renyi Zhang, Zhiwei Han, Zhen Yan, Yonglin Ma

Characteristics of Ambient Ammonia Levels Measured in Three Different Industrial Parks in Southern Taiwan

Lien-Te Hsieh , Tau-Chih Chen

Assessment of the Quality of Electrically Produced Standard Aerosols

Janek Uin , Eduard Tamm

Performance Test of an Inertial Fibrous Filter for Ultrafine Particle Collection and the Possible Sulfate Loss when Using an Aluminum Substrate with Ultrasonic Extraction of Ionic Compounds

Kyung Hwan Kim, Kazuhiko Sekiguchi , Shinji Kudo, Kazuhiko Sakamoto, Mitsuhiko Hata, Masami Furuuchi, Yoshio Otani, Naoko Tajima

The Hygric Performances of Moisture Adsorbing/Desorbing Building Materials

Hea-Jeong Kim, Sun-Sook Kim, Yun-Gyu Lee, Kyoo-Dong Song