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Volume 8, Issue 4, December 2008

Cover Page and Content

Particle Size Distribution Modification During and After Electrical Charging: Comparison between a Corona Ionizer and a Radioactive Neutralizer

M. Alonso , F.J. Alguacil

Chaos in Air Pollutant Concentration (APC) Time Series

Chung-Kung Lee , Shu-Chen Lin

Comparison of Two Approaches to Modeling Atmospheric Aerosol Particle Size Distributions

Vladimír Ždímal , Marek Brabec, Zdeněk Wagner

Ultrafine Metal Concentration in Atmospheric Aerosols in Urban Gwangju, Korea

K. Park , Y. Heo, H. E. Putra

Source Apportionment of Coarse and Fine Particulate Matter at Navi Mumbai, India

P. Kothai, I.V. Saradhi, P. Prathibha, Philip K. Hopke, G.G. Pandit , V.D. Puranik

Dry Deposition of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Associated with Atmospheric Particulate Matters in an Urban Site, Mumbai, India

S. K. Sahu , G. G. Pandit, V. D. Puranik

Catalytic Decomposition of Ammonia over Bimetallic CuO/CeO2 Nanoparticle Catalyst

Chang-Mao Hung

Aerosol Optical Depth, Ozone and Water Vapor Measurements over Gadanki, A Tropical Station in Peninsular India

A. K. Srivastava , P. C. S. Devara, Y. Jaya Rao, Y. Bhavanikumar, D. N. Rao