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Volume 8, Issue 1, March 2008

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Evaluation of Physical Capture Efficiency and Disinfection Capability of an Iodinated Biocidal Filter Medium

Shanna Ratnesar-Shumate, Chang-Yu Wu , Joe Wander, Dale Lundgren, Sam Farrah, Jin-Hwa Lee, Prinda Wanakule, Matthew Blackburn, Mei-Fang Lan

Pedestrian Exposure to Ultrafine Particles in Hong Kong Under Heavy Traffic Conditions

Hamilton Tsang, Roger Kwok, Antonio H. Miguel

Comparison between Hospital Single Air Unit and Central Air Unit for Ventilation Performances and Airborne Microbes

Paradee Chuaybamroong , Piyapong Choomseer, Pipat Sribenjalux

Theoretical Investigation of the Nucleation Mode Formation Downstream of Diesel After-treatment Devices

Elias Vouitsis, Leonidas Ntziachristos, Zissis Samaras

Investigation of Variation in Ambient PM10 Levels within an Urban-Industrial Environment

Neha Dubey, Shamsh Pervez

Analysis on Dust Devil Containing Loess Dusts of Different Sizes

Z.L. Gu , J. Qiu, Y.Z. Zhao, X.P. Hou

Analyzing Regional Inluence of Particulate Matter on the City of Beijing, China

Xiaohong Xu , Noor-A-Faiza Barsha, Jia Li

Atmospheric Heavy Metal Deposition in Garhwal Hill Area (India): Estimation Based on Native Moss Analysis

Dinesh K. Saxena, Shivom Singh , Kajal Srivastava