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Volume 20, Issue 3, March 2020

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Quantifying the Effect of Nonwoven Conductive Fabric Liners on Electrostatic Precipitator Submicrometer Particle Removal Efficiency

Sungyoon Jung, Brian T. Gersten, Pratim Biswas

Influence of the Dilution System and Electrical Low Pressure Impactor Performance on Particulate Emission Measurements from a Medium-scale Biomass Boiler

Jordi F.P. Cornette , Thibault Coppieters, Dominique Desagher, Jurgen Annendijck, Hélène Lepaumier, Nathalie Faniel, Igor Dyakov, Julien Blondeau, Svend Bram

Low-cost PM2.5 Sensors: An Assessment of their Suitability for Various Applications

Rohan Jayaratne, Xiaoting Liu, Kang-Ho Ahn, Akwasi Asumadu-Sakyi, Gavin Fisher, Jian Gao, Adrian Mabon, Mandana Mazaheri, Benjamin Mullins, Mawutorli Nyaku, Zoran Ristovski, Yvonne Scorgie, Phong Thai, Matthew Dunbabin , Lidia Morawska

The Impact of Water on Particle Emissions from Heated Cooking Oil

Wenhua Chen, Pan Wang, Dingchao Zhang, Junjie Liu , Xilei Dai

The Effect of the Support Structure and Size of Cu-based Oxygen Carriers on the Performance of Chemical Looping Air Separation

Hou-Chuan Wang , Hsiu-Hsia Lee, Ming-Hui Chang, Hou-Peng Wan, Jui-Yen Cheng, Ting-Yi Wu