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Keyword: Particulate matter

Indoor Air Quality Management by Combined Ventilation and Air Cleaning: An Experimental Study

Darius Ciuzas, Tadas Prasauskas , Edvinas Krugly, Andrius Jurelionis, Lina Seduikyte, Dainius Martuzevicius

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2015.10.0577 | Volume: 16| Issue: 10| Pages: 2550-2559

Atmospheric Signature and Potential Sources of Rare Earth Elements in Size-Resolved Particulate Matter in a Megacity of China

Qili Dai, Liwei Li, Tingkun Li, Xiaohui Bi , Yufen Zhang, Jianhui Wu, Baoshuang Liu, Jixin Gao, Wancong Gu, Lin Yao, Yinchang Feng

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2016.03.0108 | Volume: 16| Issue: 9| Pages: 2085-2095
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Using Atmospheric Visibility to Assess the Effects of Air Pollution on Hospital Admissions for Respiratory Diseases

Chia-Chi Lung, Szu-Chieh Chen, Chia-Hsin Yang, Yu-Chieh Chen, Shih-Yu Chang , Wen-Chang Tseng, Su-Ching Liu

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2016.03.0111 | Volume: 16| Issue: 9| Pages: 2237-2244

Phthalate Ester Concentrations, Sources, and Risks in the Ambient Air of Tianjin, China

Zhenyu Zhu, Yaqin Ji , Shijian Zhang, Jingbo Zhao, Jie Zhao

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2015.07.0473 | Volume: 16| Issue: 9| Pages: 2294-2301
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Effect of Uncertainty on Source Contributions from the Positive Matrix Factorization Model for a Source Apportionment Study

Guo-Liang Shi, Hao Chen, Ying-Ze Tian , Dan-Lin Song, Lai-Dong Zhou, Fei Chen, Hao-Fei Yu, Yin-Chang Feng

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2015.12.0678 | Volume: 16| Issue: 7| Pages: 1665-1674
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Characterizing Particulate Pollutants in an Enclosed Museum in Shanghai, China

Lina Wang, Guangli Xiu , Yuanxiang Chen, Fangyuan Xu, Laiming Wu, Danian Zhang

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2013.12.0360 | Volume: 15| Issue: 1| Pages: 319-328

Experimental Measurements of Particulate Matter Deliquescence and Crystallization Relative Humidity: Application in Heritage Climatology

Marco Casati , Grazia Rovelli, Luca D’Angelo, Maria Grazia Perrone, Giorgia Sangiorgi, Ezio Bolzacchini, Luca Ferrero

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2014.11.0289 | Volume: 15| Issue: 2| Pages: 399-409

Characteristics of Atmospheric Small Ions and Their Application to Assessment of Air Quality in a Typical Semi-Arid City of Northwest China

Yanpeng Li , Xiao Guo, Tinglu Wang, Yue Zhao, Haifeng Zhang, Wenke Wang

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2014.06.0123 | Volume: 15| Issue: 3| Pages: 865-874

Characterization and Source Identification of Heavy Metals in Ambient PM10 and PM2.5 in an Integrated Iron and Steel Industry Zone Compared with a Background Site

Qi-Li Dai, Xiao-Hui Bi , Jian-Hui Wu, Yu-Fen Zhang, Jing Wang, Hong Xu, Lin Yao, Li Jiao, Yin-Chang Feng

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2014.09.0226 | Volume: 15| Issue: 3| Pages: 875-887

Characterization of Particulate Matter, Ions and OC/EC in a Museum in Shanghai, China

Guangli Xiu , Xin Wu, Lina Wang, Yuanxiang Chen, Ying Yu, Fangyuan Xu, Laiming Wu

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2014.07.0147 | Volume: 15| Issue: 4| Pages: 1240-1250

Comparison of Emissivity, Transmittance, and Reflectance Infrared Spectra of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons with those of Atmospheric Particulates (PM1)

Dayana M. Agudelo-Castañeda, Elba Calesso Teixeira , Ismael Luís Schneider, Silvia Beatriz Alves Rolim, Naira Balzaretti, Gabriel Silva e Silva

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2014.12.0329 | Volume: 15| Issue: 4| Pages: 1627-1639

Systematic Approach to Optimization of Submicron Particle Agglomeration Using Ionic-Wind-Assisted Pre-Charger

Qianyun Chang, Chenghang Zheng, Xiang Gao , Penchi Chiang, Mengxiang Fang, Zhongyang Luo, Kefa Cen

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2015.06.0418 | Volume: 15| Issue: 7| Pages: 2709-2719

Satellite Retrievals of Aerosol Optical Depth over a Subtropical Urban Area: The Role of Stratification and Surface Reflectance

Jerónimo Escribano , Laura Gallardo, Roberto Rondanelli, Yong-Sang Choi

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2013.03.0082 | Volume: 14| Issue: 3| Pages: 596-607
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Aerosol Optical Properties and Composition over a Table Top Complex Mining Area in a Monsoon Trough Region

R. Latha , B.S. Murthy, Manoj Kumar, S. Jyotsna, K. Lipi, G. Pandithurai, N.C. Mahanti

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2013.02.0062 | Volume: 14| Issue: 3| Pages: 806-817

Source Apportionment and Characterization of Particulate Matter (PM10) in Urban Environment of Lahore

Khan Alam , Azam Mukhtar, Imran Shahid, Thomas Blaschke, Hussain Majid, Said Rahman, Rehana Khan, Naheed Rahman

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2014.01.0005 | Volume: 14| Issue: 7| Pages: 1851-1861

Studies on a Severe Dust Storm in East Asia and Its Impact on the Air Quality of Nanjing, China

Xiao-Xian Huang, Ti-Jian Wang , Fei Jiang, Jing-Biao Liao, Yan-Feng Cai, Chang-Qin Yin, Jia-Lei Zhu, Yong Han

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2012.05.0108 | Volume: 13| Issue: 1| Pages: 179-193

Exploring the Variation between EC and BC in a Variety of Locations

Gbenga Oladoyin Salako, Philip K. Hopke , David D. Cohen, Bilkis A. Begum, Swapan K. Biswas, Gauri Girish Pandit, Yong-Sam Chung, Shamsiah Abd Rahman, Mohd Suhaimi Hamzah, Perry Davy, Andreas Markwitz, Dagva Shagjjamba, Sereeter Lodoysamba, Wanna Wimolwattanapun, Supamatthree Bunprapob

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2011.09.0150 | Volume: 12| Issue: 1| Pages: 1-7

Compositions of Dust Fall around Semi-Urban Areas in Malaysia

Fatma Omran M. Alahmr, Murnira Othman, Nurul Bahiyah Abd Wahid, Azhar Abdul Halim, Mohd Talib Latif

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2012.02.0027 | Volume: 12| Issue: 4| Pages: 629-642

Modeling the Regional Dynamics of Gaseous Admixtures and Aerosols in the Areas of Lake Baikal (Russia) and Antwerp (Belgium)

A.E. Aloyan, V.O. Arutyunyan, A.N. Yermakov, V.A. Zagaynov, C. Mensink , K. De Ridder, K. Van de Vel, F. Deutsch

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2011.11.0225 | Volume: 12| Issue: 5| Pages: 707-721

Reducing Air Pollution Emissions from Burning Incense with the Addition of Calcium Carbonate

Chi-Ru Yang , Ta-Chang Lin, Yen-Shun Peng, Sun-Zone Lee, Yih-Feng Chang

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2011.09.0145 | Volume: 12| Issue: 5| Pages: 972-980

Characterization of Desert Road Dust Aerosol from Provinces of Afghanistan and Iraq

Nikolaj Dobrzhinsky, Edvinas Krugly, Linas Kliucininkas, Tadas Prasauskas, Maksim Kireitseu, Axel Zerrath, Dainius Martuzevicius

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2012.05.0112 | Volume: 12| Issue: 6| Pages: 1209-1216

Novel Air Filtration Device for Building Air Handling Unit

Soon-Bark Kwon, Seyoung Kim, Duck-Shin Park, Youngmin Cho, Jinho Kim, Myungjoon Kim, Taesung Kim

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2011.06.0087 | Volume: 11| Issue: 5| Pages: 570-577

The Influences of Diesel Particulate Filter Installation on Air Pollutant Emissions for Used Vehicles

Ying I. Tsai, Hsi-Hsien Yang , Lin-Chi Wang, Jing-Liang Huan, Li-Hao Young, Man-Ting Cheng, Pen-Chi Chiang

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2011.05.0066 | Volume: 11| Issue: 5| Pages: 578-583

Physicochemical Properties of PM2.5 and PM2.5–10 at Inland and Offshore Sites over Southeastern Coastal Region of Taiwan Strait

Hsieh-Hung Tsai, Chung-Shin Yuan , Chung-Hsuang Hung, Chitsan Lin

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2010.12.0113 | Volume: 11| Issue: 6| Pages: 664-678

Exposure to PM10, PM2.5, PM1 and Carbon Monoxide on Roads in Lahore, Pakistan

Ian Colbeck , Zaheer Ahmad Nasir, Shakil Ahmad, Zulfiqar Ali

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2010.10.0087 | Volume: 11| Issue: 6| Pages: 689-695

Performance Evaluation of AERMOD and ADMS-Urban for Total Suspended Particulate Matter Concentrations in Megacity Delhi

Manju Mohan , Shweta Bhati, Archana Sreenivas, Pallavi Marrapu

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2011.05.0065 | Volume: 11| Issue: 7| Pages: 883-894

Emissions from Using Viscous Agent-Treated Fishing Boat Fuel Oil: Tests with a Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine (HDDE) Dynamometer

Tser-Son Wu, Lien-Te Hsieh , Sheng-Lun Lin, Yu-Cheng Chang, Chung-Bang Chen, Chung-Hsien Hung

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2009.09.0054 | Volume: 10| Issue: 1| Pages: 76-85

Source Characterization and Apportionment of PM10 in Panzhihua, China

Yong-hua Xue, Jian-hui Wu , Yin-chang Feng, Li Dai, Xiao-hui Bi, Xiang Li, Tan Zhu, Shi-bao Tang, Mei-fang Chen

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2010.01.0002 | Volume: 10| Issue: 4| Pages: 367-377

Measurement of Particulate n-alkanes and PAHs Inside and Outside a Temple in Xiamen, China

Shui-Ping Wu, Xin-Hong Wang , Hua-Sheng Hong, Jing-Ming Yan

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2008.10.0047 | Volume: 9| Issue: 1| Pages: 120-138

Source Identification of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Urban Particulate Matter of Tangshan, China

Guo-Liang Shi, Yin-Chang Feng , Jian-Hui Wu, Xiang Li, Yu-Qiu Wang, Yong-Hua Xue, Tan Zhu

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2008.12.0063 | Volume: 9| Issue: 3| Pages: 309-315

Dry Deposition of Airborne Particles and Characteristics of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Urban Kaohsiung, Taiwan

H.K. Wang, K.S. Chen , J.J. Lu, Y.P. Peng, W.C. Wang, M.Y. Tsai, C.H. Lai

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2006.12.0029 | Volume: 7| Issue: 1| Pages: 106-120

Particulate Air Pollution at Schools: Indoor-Outdoor Relationship and Determinants of Indoor Concentrations

Mahmoud Mohammadyan, Ahmad Alizadeh-Larimi, Siavash Etemadinejad, Mohd Talib Latif, Behzad Heibati , Kaan Yetilmezsoy, Sabah Ahmed Abdul-Wahab, Payam Dadvand

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2016.03.0128 | Volume: 17| Issue: 3| Pages: 857-864
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Spatial and Temporal Variability of the PM2.5/PM10 Ratio in Wuhan, Central China

Gang Xu, Limin Jiao , Boen Zhang, Suli Zhao, Man Yuan, Yanyan Gu, Jiafeng Liu, Xin Tang

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2016.09.0406 | Volume: 17| Issue: 3| Pages: 741-751

Investigation of Particulate Matter Regional Transport in Beijing Based on Numerical Simulation

Jianjun He , Hongjun Mao , Sunling Gong, Ye Yu, Lin Wu, Hongli Liu, Ying Chen, Boyu Jing, Peipei Ren, Chao Zou

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2016.03.0110 | Volume: 17| Issue: 5| Pages: 1181-1189

Estimation of Mortality and Hospital Admissions Attributed to Criteria Air Pollutants in Tehran Metropolis, Iran (2013–2016)

Mostafa Hadei, Philip K. Hopke, Seyed Saeed Hashemi Nazari, Maryam Yarahmadi, Abbas Shahsavani , Mohammad Reza Alipour

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2017.04.0128 | Volume: 17| Issue: 10| Pages: 2474-2481
PDF | Supplemental material

Commuting in Los Angeles: Cancer and Non-cancer Health Risks of Roadway, Light-Rail and Subway Transit Routes

Christopher Lovett, Farimah Shirmohammadi, Mohammad H. Sowlat, Constantinos Sioutas

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2017.09.0331 | Volume: 18| Issue: 9| Pages: 2363-2374

Electrostatic Precipitation of Submicron Particles with an Enhanced Unipolar Pre-Charger

Zelong Liao, Yuheng Li, Xiangsheng Xiao, Chen Wang, Shang Cao, Yong Yang

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2017.08.0261 | Volume: 18| Issue: 5| Pages: 1141-1147

Long-range Transport of Aerosols from Biomass Burning over Southeastern South America and their Implications on Air Quality

Leila Droprinchinski Martins , Ricardo Hallak, Rafaela Cruz Alves, Daniela S. de Almeida, Rafaela Squizzato, Camila A.B. Moreira, Alexandra Beal, Iara da Silva, Anderson Rudke, Jorge A. Martins

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2017.11.0545 | Volume: 18| Issue: 7| Pages: 1734-1745
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Analysis of the Impact of African Dust Storms on the Presence of Enteric Viruses in the Atmosphere in Tenerife, Spain

Cristina Gonzalez-Martin , Nieves M. Coronado-Alvarez, Nuria Teigell-Perez, Raquel Diaz-Solano, Francisco J. Exposito, Juan P. Diaz, Dale W. Griffin, Basilio Valladares

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2017.11.0463 | Volume: 18| Issue: 7| Pages: 1863-1873
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A Comparison of PAH Emission Sampling Methods (Cyclone, Impactor) in Particulate and Gaseous Phase

Jiří Horák, Lenka Kuboňová , Kamil Krpec, František Hopan, Petr Kubesa, Jan Koloničný, Daniela Plachá

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2017.10.0408 | Volume: 18| Issue: 4| Pages: 849-855
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Assessment and Valuation of Public Health Impacts from Gradual Biodiesel Implementation in the Transport Energy Matrix in Brazil

Evangelina M.P.A. Vormittag , Cristina Guimarães Rodrigues, Paulo Afonso de André, Paulo Hilário Nascimento Saldiva

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2017.11.0449 | Volume: 18| Issue: 9| Pages: 2375-2382

The Recent State of Ambient Air Quality in Jakarta

Sheila Dewi Ayu Kusumaningtyas , Edvin Aldrian, Trinah Wati, Dwi Atmoko, Sunaryo Sunaryo

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2017.10.0391 | Volume: 18| Issue: 9| Pages: 2343-2354

Forecasting of Hourly PM2.5 in South-West Zone in Santiago de Chile

Patricio Perez , Camilo Menares

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2018.01.0029 | Volume: 18| Issue: 10| Pages: 2666-2679

Aerosol Chamber Characterization for Commercial Particulate Matter (PM) Sensor Evaluation

Dian Ahmad Hapidin, Casmika Saputra, Dian Syah Maulana, Muhammad Miftahul Munir , Khairurrijal Khairurrijal

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2017.12.0611 | Volume: 19| Issue: 1| Pages: 181-194

Gaseous and Carbonaceous Composition of PM2.5 Emitted from Rural Vehicles in China

Xianbao Shen, Hui Wu, Xinyue Cao, Wei Zhang, Zhiliang Yao , Xuewei Hao

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2017.10.0401 | Volume: 18| Issue: 8| Pages: 1993-2004

Variation in Airborne Particulate Levels at a Newly Opened Underground Railway Station

Yingying Cha , Minghui Tu, Max Elmgren, Sanna Silvergren, Ulf Olofsson

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2018.06.0225 | Volume: 19| Issue: 4| Pages: 737-748

Source Apportionment and Macro Tracer: Integration of Independent Methods for Quantification of Woody Biomass Burning Contribution to PM10

Milena Stracquadanio, Ettore Petralia , Massimo Berico, Teresa M.G. La Torretta, Antonella Malaguti, Mihaela Mircea, Maurizio Gualtieri, Luisella Ciancarella

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2018.05.0186 | Volume: 19| Issue: 4| Pages: 711-723
PDF | Supplemental material

Inhalation Health Risk Assessment for the Human Tracheobronchial Tree under PM Exposure in a Bus Stop Scene

Xiaoyu Xu, Yidan Shang, Lin Tian , Wenguo Weng, Jiyuan Tu

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2018.09.0343 | Volume: 19| Issue: 6| Pages: 1365-1376

Topological Characterization of Haze Episodes Using Persistent Homology

Nur Fariha Syaqina Zulkepli , Mohd Salmi Md Noorani, Fatimah Abdul Razak, Munira Ismail, Mohd Almie Alias

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2018.08.0315 | Volume: 19| Issue: 7| Pages: 1614-1624