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Special Issues

Special issues published in Aerosol and Air Quality Research

Long-range transported air pollutants in East Asia ― Observation, measurements, and model analysis
In Progress
Guest Editors: Shiro Hatakeyama, Yong Pyo Kim, Kazuhide Matsuda, Ta-Chih Hsiao
Overseeing Editor-in-Chief: Daniel A. Jaffe

Fog, Fog Collection and Dew
In Progress
Guest Editors: Otto Klemm, Werner Eugster, Martha Scholl, Fábio Luiz T. Gonçalves, Genki Katata
Overseeing Editor-in-Chief: Neng-Huei Lin

WFC12 Special Issue
In Progress
Guest Editors: David Y. H. Pui, Wilhelm Höflinger, Jing Wang
Overseeing Editor-in-Chief: Chuen-Jinn Tsai

PM2.5 in Asia
Volume 17, No. 2
Guest Editors: Rajasekhar Balasubramania, Xiang Gao, Shiro Hatakeyama, Jungho Hwang
Overseeing Editor-in-Chief: Chuen-Jinn Tsai

Aerosol Impact on Physical, Chemical and Biological Processes in Southeast Asia and the Maritime Continent
Volume 16, No. 11
Guest Editors: James Campbell, Guey-Rong Sheu, Somporn Chantara
Overseeing Editor-in-Chief: Neng-Huei Lin

Selected Papers from the 2nd Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics at Mountain Sites Symposium
Volume 16, No. 3
Guest Editors: A. Gannet Hallar, Elisabeth Andrews, Nicolas Bukowiecki, Daniel A. Jaffe
Overseeing Editor-in-Chief: Neng-Huei Lin

Selected Papers from the 2014 International Aerosol Conference
Volume 15, No. 6
Guest Editors: Yong Pyo Kim, Sergey A. Grinshpun, Christof Asbach
Overseeing Editor-in-Chief: Chuen-Jinn Tsai

Observation, Control Technologies and Impact Studies of POPs
Volume 14, No. 4
Guest Editors: Lin-Chi Wang, Kai Hsien Chi

CO2 Capture, Sequestration, Conversion and Utilization
Volume 14, No. 2
Guest Editors: Ying Li, Fanxing Li

Aerosol and Air Quality Research in Taiwan Cross-Strait Areas
Volume 13, No. 1
Guest Editors: Chun-Shin Yuan, Ke Du

Aerosol and Air Quality Research in Asia
Volume 12, No. 6
Guest Editor: Jun-Ji Cao

Urban Air Quality and Health Effects
Volume 11, No. 6
Guest Editors: Konstantinos Eleftheriadis, Christina Emmanouil


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