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Volume 16, No. 5, May 2016

Cover Page and Content

Aerosol Physics and Instrumentation

Can We Trust Real Time Measurements of Lung Deposited Surface Area Concentrations in Dust from Powder Nanomaterials?
Marcus Levin, Olivier Witschger, Sébastien Bau, Elzbieta Jankowska, Ismo K. Koponen, Antti J. Koivisto, Per A. Clausen, Alexander Jensen, Kristian Mølhave, Christof Asbach, Keld A. Jensen
Pages 1105-1117

Article Full Text PDF (1016 KB) PDF Supplementary Material PDF (188 KB) PDF

Aerosol and Atmospheric Chemistry

Urban Air Quality

Source Apportionment of Fine and Coarse Particulate Matter in Industrial Areas of Kaduna, Northern Nigeria
Sunday A. Orogade, Kayode O. Owoade, Philip K. Hopke, Donatus B. Adie, Abubakar Ismail, Charles A. Okuofu
Pages 1179-1190

Article Full Text PDF (3.02 MB) PDF

Long Term Trends in New York: PM2.5 Mass and Particle Components
Oliver V. Rattigan, Kevin L. Civerolo, H. Dirk Felton, James J. Schwab, Kenneth L. Demerjian
Pages 1191-1205

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Air Pollution and Health Effects

Levels and Health Risk of Carbonyl Compounds in Air of the Library in Guangzhou, South China
Huixiong Lü, Jun-Jian Tian, Quan-Ying Cai, Sheng Wen, Yonglin Liu, Ning Li
Pages 1234-1243

Article Full Text PDF (365 KB) PDF

Air Pollution Modeling

Impact of Grid Resolution on Aerosol Predictions: A Case Study over Italy
Mihaela Mircea, Georgiana Grigoras, Massimo D’Isidoro, Gaia Righini, Mario Adani, Gino Briganti, Luisella Ciancarella, Andrea Cappelletti, Giuseppe Calori, Irene Cionni, Giuseppe Cremona, Sandro Finardi, Bo R. Larsen, Giandomenico Pace, Cinzia Perrino, Antonio Piersanti, Camillo Silibello, Lina Vitali, Gabriele Zanini
Pages 1253-1267

Article Full Text PDF (3.14 MB) PDF Supplementary Material PDF (1.35 MB) PDF

Optical/Radiative Properties and Remote Sensing

Satellite-Based Estimates of Aerosol Washout and Recovery over India during Monsoon
Sourangsu Chowdhury, Sagnik Dey, Sudipta Ghosh, Trailokya Saud
Pages 1302-1314

Article Full Text PDF (3.58 MB) PDF

The Effects of Morphology and Water Coating on the Optical Properties of Soot Aggregates
Meng Fan, Liangfu Chen, Shenshen Li, Mingmin Zou, Lin Su, Jinhua Tao
Pages 1315-1326

Article Full Text PDF (3.89 MB) PDF

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