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Volume 16, No. 4, April 2016

Cover Page and Content

Aerosol Physics and Instrumentation

Experimental Comparison of Two Portable and Real-Time Size Distribution Analyzers for Nano/Submicron Aerosol Measurements
Ta-Chih Hsiao, Yao-Chuan Lee, Ke-Ching Chen, Wei-Cheng Ye, Khajornsak Sopajaree, Ying I. Tsai
Pages 919-929

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Aerosol and Atmospheric Chemistry

Nature and Sources of Ionic Species in Precipitation across the Indo-Gangetic Plains, India
Suresh Tiwari, Philip K. Hopke, Devraj Thimmaiah, Umesh C. Dumka, Atui K. Srivastava, Deewan S. Bisht, Pasumarti S.P. Rao, Dilip M. Chate, Manoj K. Srivastava, Sachchida N. Tripathi
Pages 943-957

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Improving the Representation of Cross-Boundary Transport of Anthropogenic Pollution in East Asia Using Radon-222
Scott D. Chambers, Chang-Hee Kang, Alastair G. Williams, Jagoda Crawford, Alan D. Griffiths, Ki-Hyun Kim, Won-Hyung Kim
Pages 958-976

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Urban Air Quality

Characteristics of Respirable Elemental Carbon (EC) Exposures of Household Waste Collectors
Kyong-Hui Lee, Hye-Jung Jung, Jung-Ah Shin, Hyun-Seok Kwak, Gwang-Yong Yi, Seung-Hun Ryu, Kyeong-Min Lee, Kwon-Chul Ha, Dong-Uk Park
Pages 1000-1009

Article Full Text PDF (311 KB) PDF

Characteristics and Source Apportionment of Atmospheric PM2.5 at a Coastal City in Southern Taiwan
Hung-Yi Lu, Sheng-Lun Lin, John Kennedy Mwangi, Lin-Chi Wang, Hsin-Yi Lin
Pages 1022-1034

Article Full Text PDF (1.84 MB) PDF

Air Pollution and Health Effects

Investigating the Health Effects of Exposure to Criteria Pollutants Using AirQ2.2.3 in Shiraz, Iran
Aezam Mohammadi, Abooalfazl Azhdarpoor, Abbas Shahsavani, Hamidreza Tabatabaee
Pages 1035-1043

Article Full Text PDF (629 KB) PDF

Air Pollution Modeling

Optical/Radiative Properties and Remote Sensing

Gasification Technology

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