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Volume 16, No. 12, December 2016

Cover Page and Content


An Overview of PCDD/F Inventories and Emission Factors from Stationary and Mobile Sources: What We Know and What is Missing
Nicholas Kiprotich Cheruiyot, Wen-Jhy Lee, Ping Yan, John Kennedy Mwangi, Lin-Chi Wang, Xiang Gao, Neng-Huei Lin, Guo-Ping Chang-Chien
Pages 2965-2988

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Aerosol Physics and Instrumentation

Design and Characterization of an Inhalation System to Expose Rodents to Nanoaerosols
Frédéric Cosnier, Sébastien Bau, Stéphane Grossmann, Hervé Nunge, Céline Brochard, Stéphane Viton, Raphaël Payet, Olivier Witschger, Laurent Gaté
Pages 2989-3000

Article Full Text PDF (905 KB) PDF

The Horizontal and Vertical Characteristics of Aeolian Dust from Riverbed
Jin-Yuan Syu, Yu-Chih Cheng, Yuan-Yi Kao, Chi-Sung Liang, Yeou-Lih Yan, Chane-Yu Lai, Chang-Tang Chang, Chih-Chieh Chen, Chea-Yuan Young, Yee-Lin Wu, Wen-Yinn Lin
Pages 3026-3036

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Developments in Unipolar Charging of Airborne Particles: Theories, Simulations and Measurements
Chenghang Zheng, Qianyun Chang, Quanyang Lu, Zhengda Yang, Xiang Gao, Kefa Cen
Pages 3037-3054

Article Full Text PDF (952 KB) PDF

Experimental Evidence of a Strong Image Force between Highly Charged Electrosprayed Molecular Ions and a Metal Screen
Youichi Omori, Hyun-Jin Choi, Yasuaki Mukai, Toshiyuki Fujimoto, Tomoya Tamadate, Takafumi Seto, Yoshio Otani, Mikio Kumita
Pages 3055-3062

Article Full Text PDF (1.33 MB) PDF

Evaluation of Artifacts Generated during Collection of Ultrafine Particles Using an Inertial Filter Sampler
Hirotoshi Kuwabara, Kazuhiko Sekiguchi, Kenshi Sankoda, Kenji Sakurai, Ryosuke Yamaguchi, Masami Furuuchi, Mitsuhiko Hata
Pages 3063-3074

Article Full Text PDF (1.1 MB) PDF

Aerosol and Atmospheric Chemistry

Particulate Matter, Ozone, and Nitrogen Species in Aged Wildfire Plumes Observed at the Mount Bachelor Observatory
Nicole L. Briggs, Daniel A. Jaffe, Honglian Gao, Jonathan R. Hee, Pao M. Baylon, Qi Zhang, Shan Zhou, Sonya C. Collier, Paul D. Sampson, Robert A. Cary
Pages 3075-3087

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Variability of Anthropogenic Gases: Nitrogen Oxides, Sulfur Dioxide, Ozone and Ammonia in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
Filimon Kiros, Kabindra M. Shakya, Maheswar Rupakheti, Ram P. Regmi, Rashmi Maharjan, Rejina M. Byanju, Manish Naja, Khadak Mahata, Bhogendra Kathayat, Richard E. Peltier
Pages 3088-3101

Article Full Text PDF (1.71 MB) PDF Supplementary Material PDF (1.26 MB) PDF

Urban Air Quality

Chemical Characterization and Source Apportionment of PM2.5 in Rabigh, Saudi Arabia
Shedrack R. Nayebare, Omar S. Aburizaiza, Haider A. Khwaja, Azhar Siddique, Mirza M. Hussain, Jahan Zeb, Fida Khatib, David O. Carpenter, Donald R. Blake
Pages 3114-3129

Article Full Text PDF (1.46 MB) PDF

Air Toxics

Characterization of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Cloud Deposition at Mount Heng in Southern China
Peng-Hui Li, Yan Wang, Yu-Hua Li, Min-Min Yang, Ming-Hu Sun, Jia Guo, You-Ping Shou, Xianliang Yi, Lei Wang, Zhi-Lin Xi, Zhi-Yong Li
Pages 3164-3174

Article Full Text PDF (1.08 MB) PDF

Characterization of PAHs and PCBs in Fly Ashes of Eighteen Coal-Fired Power Plants
Zhiyong Li, Lan Chen, Songtao Liu, Huiqiao Ma, Lei Wang, Caixiu An, Ruiling Zhang
Pages 3175-3186

Article Full Text PDF (402 KB) PDF

Indoor and Outdoor Concentrations of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers on Respirable Particulate in Central and Southern Taiwan
How-Ran Chao, Danielle E. Que, Yan-You Gou, Chun-Yu Chuang, To-Yao Chang, Yi-Chyun Hsu
Pages 3187-3197

Article Full Text PDF (292 KB) PDF


Air Pollution and Health Effects

Risk Assessment of PAH Exposure Involving Metal Working Fluids in Fastener Manufacturing Industries
Hsiu-Ling Chen, Yu-Chun Wu, Mei-Ru Chen, Jui-Shu Chou, Shu-Kai Zheng, Jia-Zhong Hou
Pages 3212-3221

Article Full Text PDF (447 KB) PDF

Analysis of the Effect of Meteorological Factors on PM2.5-Associated PAHs during Autumn-Winter in Urban Nanchang
Xiaojun Liu, Chunmei Li, Hong Tu, Yanyan Wu, Chen Ying, Qing Huang, Sheng Wu, Qinghong Xie, Zhaokang Yuan, Yuanan Lu
Pages 3222-3229

Article Full Text PDF (292 KB) PDF

Air Pollution Modeling

Source Apportionment of Inorganic and Organic PM in the Ambient Air around a Cement Plant: Assessment of Complementary Tools
Montse Mari, Francisco Sánchez-Soberón, Carme Audí-Miró, Barend L. van Drooge, Albert Soler, Joan O. Grimalt, Marta Schuhmacher
Pages 3230-3242

Article Full Text PDF (1.2 MB) PDF Supplementary Material PDF (811 KB) PDF

Optical/Radiative Properties and Remote Sensing

Estimation of GEOS-Chem and GOCART Simulated Aerosol Profiles Using CALIPSO Observations over the Contiguous United States
Shenshen Li, Liangfu Chen, Meng Fan, Jinhua Tao, Zhongting Wang, Chao Yu, Yidan Si, Husi Letu, Yang Liu
Pages 3256-3265

Article Full Text PDF (3.81 MB) PDF

Multi-Year Analysis of Aerosol Properties Retrieved from the Ångström Parameters for Different Spectral Ranges over Pune
Amol R. Kolhe, Ganesh V. Pawar, Sandeep R. Varpe, Pallath Pradeep Kumar, Panuganti C. S. Devara, Gajanan R. Aher
Pages 3266-3280

Article Full Text PDF (3.17 MB) PDF

Control Techniques and Strategy

Experimental Study on PCDD/Fs Adsorption onto Nano-Graphite
Wenwei Li, Xiaoqing Lin, Mingfeng Yu, Ishrat Mubeen, Alfons Buekens, Xiaodong Li
Pages 3281-3289

Article Full Text PDF (1.18 MB) PDF

CO2 Emission and Control

Diesel Engine Emission

Reducing Cold Start Emissions from Automotive Diesel Engine at Cold Ambient Temperatures
Arumugam Sakunthalai Ramadhas, Hongming Xu, Dai Liu, Jianyi Tian
Pages 3330-3337

Article Full Text PDF (1.03 MB) PDF

Gasoline Engine Emission

Technical Notes

Short-Term Effects of Straw Application on Carbon Recycle in a Rice-Rapeseed Rotation System
Hongjie Zhu, Jin Tao, Xiaoming Yan, Benjun Zhou, John Kennedy Mwangi
Pages 3358-3363

Article Full Text PDF (229 KB) PDF

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