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Volume 15, No. 7, December 2015

Cover Page and Content

Special Session: CEMEPE4/SECOTOX

A Pilot Investigation of PM Indoor/Outdoor Mass Concentration and Chemical Analysis during a Period of Extensive Fireplace Use in Athens
Dikaia E. Saraga, Anastasia Makrogkika, Sotirios Karavoltsos, Aikaterini Sakellari, Evangelia Diapouli, Konstantinos Eleftheriadis, Christos Vasilakos, Constantinos Helmis, Thomas Maggos
Pages 2485-2495

Article Full Text PDF (1.25 MB) PDF Supplementary Material PDF (235 KB) PDF

Mortality and Morbidity Attributed to Aerosol and Gaseous Emissions from Biomass Use for Space Heating
Denis A. Sarigiannis, Marianthi Kermenidou, Spyridoula Nikolaki, Dimitrios Zikopoulos, Spyros P. Karakitsios
Pages 2496-2507

Article Full Text PDF (984 KB) PDF

Urban Air Quality

Detection of Trends and Seasonal Variation in Tropospheric Nitrogen Dioxide over Pakistan
Muhammad Fahim Khokhar, Naila Yasmin, Naveen Fatima, Steffen Beirle, Thomas Wagner
Pages 2508-2524

Article Full Text PDF (3.8 MB) PDF

A Severe Air Pollution Event from Field Burning of Agricultural Residues in Beijing, China
Yanli Lyu, Carlo Jaeger, Zhangang Han, Lianyou Liu, Peijun Shi, Weiping Wang, Saini Yang, Lanlan Guo, Guoming Zhang, Xia Hu, Jing Guo, Yunliang Gao, Yanyan Yang, Yiying Xiong, Haiming Wen, Bo Liang, Mengdi Zhao
Pages 2525-2536

Article Full Text PDF (5.35 MB) PDF Supplementary Material PDF (5.79 MB) PDF

Characterization of PM2.5 Source Profiles for Traffic and Dust Sources in Raipur, India
Jeevan Lal Matawle, Shamsh Pervez, Shippi Dewangan, Anjali Shrivastava, Suresh Tiwari, Pallavi Pant, Manas Kanti Deb, Yasmeen Pervez
Pages 2537-2548

Article Full Text PDF (415 KB) PDF Supplementary Material PDF (153 KB) PDF

Aerosol and Atmospheric Chemistry

Characteristics of Concentrations and Metal Compositions for PM2.5 and PM2.5–10 in Yunlin County, Taiwan during Air Quality Deterioration
Yu-Cheng Chen, Chin-Yu Hsu, Sheng-Lun Lin, Guo-Ping Chang-Chien, Mu-Jean Chen, Guor-Cheng Fang, Hung-Che Chiang
Pages 2571-2583

Article Full Text PDF (1.09 MB) PDF

Air Pollution and Health Effects

Air Pollution Modeling

Optical/Radiative Properties and Remote Sensing


Comparison of Online and Offline Methods for Measuring Fine Secondary Inorganic Ions and Carbonaceous Aerosols in the Central Mediterranean Area
Antonella Malaguti, Mihaela Mircea, Teresa M.G. La Torretta, Chiara Telloli, Ettore Petralia, Milena Stracquadanio, Massimo Berico
Pages 2641-2653

Article Full Text PDF (3.03 MB) PDF

Air Toxics

Emission of PAHs from a Single Hydrogen-Oxygen PEM Fuel Cell: In Relation to Fuel Cell Carbon Materials
Kuo-Lin Huang, Tsung-Hsuan Tsai, Jen-Hsiung Tsai, Shui-Jen Chen, Wen-Jhy Lee
Pages 2654-2667

Article Full Text PDF (993 KB) PDF

Diesel Engine Emission

Biological Toxicities of Exhausts from a Diesel-Generator Fueled with Water-Containing Acetone/Butanol and Waste-Edible-Oil-Biodiesel Blends
Jen-Hsiung Tsai, Shui-Jen Chen, Kuo-Lin Huang, Hso-Chi Chaung, Wen-Yinn Lin, Chih-Chung Lin, Tsai-Yuan Wu, Cheng-Hsien Yang, Juei-Yu Chiu
Pages 2668-2675

Article Full Text PDF (431 KB) PDF

CO2 Emission

Control Techniques

Systematic Approach to Optimization of Submicron Particle Agglomeration Using Ionic-Wind-Assisted Pre-Charger
Qianyun Chang, Chenghang Zheng, Xiang Gao, Penchi Chiang, Mengxiang Fang, Zhongyang Luo, Kefa Cen
Pages 2709-2719

Article Full Text PDF (1.48 MB) PDF


An Overview: Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Emissions from the Stationary and Mobile Sources and in the Ambient Air
Nicholas Kiprotich Cheruiyot, Wen-Jhy Lee, John Kennedy Mwangi, Lin-Chi Wang, Neng-Huei Lin, Yuan-Chung Lin, Junji Cao, Renjian Zhang, Guo-Ping Chang-Chien
Pages 2730-2762

Article Full Text PDF (547 KB) PDF

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