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Volume 15, No. 3, June 2015

Cover Page and Content

Aerosol Physics and Instrumentation

Development of a Reliable and Cost-Effective Weighing Chamber for Aerosol Sample Analyses
Yu-Mei Kuo, Chia-Wei Hsu, Jen-Ying Chen, Sheng-Hsiu Huang, Lien-Hsiung Lee, Chih-Chieh Chen
Pages 749-758

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Development of a High-Volume PM2.5 Particle Sampler Using Impactor and Cyclone Techniques
Tomoaki Okuda, Ryoma Isobe, Yusuke Nagai, Shunichi Okahisa, Koji Funato, Kozo Inoue
Pages 759-767

Article Full Text PDF (1.54 MB) PDF

Seasonal Characteristics of Aerosol Black Carbon in Relation to Long Range Transport over Tripura in Northeast India
Anirban Guha, Barin Kumar De, Pranab Dhar, Trisanu Banik, Monti Chakraborty, Rakesh Roy, Abhijit Choudhury, Mukunda M. Gogoi, S. Suresh Babu, K. Krishna Moorthy
Pages 786-798

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Aerosol and Atmospheric Chemistry

Mode and Place of Origin of Carbonaceous Aerosols Transported From East Asia to Cape Hedo, Okinawa, Japan
Kojiro Shimada, Masamichi Shimada, Akinori Takami, Shuichi Hasegawa, Akihiro Fushimi, Takemitsu Arakaki, Watanabe Izumi, Shiro Hatakeyama
Pages 799-813

Article Full Text PDF (1.05 MB) PDF

Urban Air Quality

Stable Isotopic and Chemical Characteristics of Bulk Aerosols during Winter and Summer Seasons at a Station in Western Coast of India (Goa)
Rajesh Agnihotri, Supriya G. Karapurkar, Vedula V.S.S. Sarma, Kamana Yadav, Maripi Dileep Kumar, Chhemendra Sharma, M.V.S.N. Prasad
Pages 888-900

Article Full Text PDF (1.61 MB) PDF

Diesel Engine Emission

On-Road Emission Characteristics of Carbonyl Compounds for Heavy-Duty Diesel Trucks
Zhiliang Yao, Xi Jiang, Xianbao Shen, Yu Ye, Xinyue Cao, Yingzhi Zhang, Kebin He
Pages 915-925

Article Full Text PDF (311 KB) PDF

Air Pollution Modeling

Optical/Radiative Properties and Remote Sensing

Morphology of Atmospheric Particles over Semi-Arid Region (Jaipur, Rajasthan) of India: Implications for Optical Properties
Sumit Kumar Mishra, Rajesh Agnihotri, Pawan Kumar Yadav, Sukhvir Singh, M.V.S.N. Prasad, Puppala Siva Praveen, Jai Shankar Tawale, Rashmi, Nidhi Dixit Mishra, Bhuwan Chandra Arya, Chhemendra Sharma
Pages 974-984

Article Full Text PDF (3.58 MB) PDF

A New Classification of Aerosol Sources and Types as Measured over Jaipur, India
Sunita Verma, Divya Prakash, Philippe Ricaud, Swagata Payra, Jean-Luc Attié, Manish Soni
Pages 985-993

Article Full Text PDF (1.96 MB) PDF

Control Techniques and Strategy


Air Toxics

Characteristics and Uncertainty of Industrial VOCs Emissions in China
Xuecheng Wu, Weiwei Huang, Yongxin Zhang, Chenghang Zheng, Xiao Jiang, Xiang Gao, Kefa Cen
Pages 1045-1058

Article Full Text PDF (5.48 MB) PDF


An Innovative Approach to Integrated Carbon Mineralization and Waste Utilization: A Review
Shu-Yuan Pan, Andrew Chiang, E-E Chang, Yi-Pin Lin, Hyunook Kim, Pen-Chi Chiang
Pages 1072-1091

Article Full Text PDF (865 KB) PDF

Status of Atmospheric Mercury Research in South Asia: A Review
Anita Kumari, Bablu Kumar, Shabana Manzoor, Umesh Kulshrestha
Pages 1092-1109

Article Full Text PDF (600 KB) PDF

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