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Volume 15, No. 2, April 2015

Cover Page and Content

Aerosol Physics and Instrumentation

Are There Generalizable Trends in the Release of Airborne Synthetic Clay Nanoparticles from a Jet Milling Process?
Ehsan Majd Faghihi, Darren Martin, Samuel Clifford, Grant Edwards, Congrong He, Christof Asbach, Lidia Morawska
Pages 365-375

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Aerosol and Atmospheric Chemistry

Size-Differentiated Chemical Composition of Re-Suspended Soil Dust from the Desert Southwest United States
Nabin Upadhyay, Andrea L. Clements, Matthew P. Fraser, Michael Sundblom, Paul Solomon, Pierre Herckes
Pages 387-398

Article Full Text PDF (1.68 MB) PDF

Experimental Measurements of Particulate Matter Deliquescence and Crystallization Relative Humidity: Application in Heritage Climatology
Marco Casati, Grazia Rovelli, Luca D’Angelo, Maria Grazia Perrone, Giorgia Sangiorgi, Ezio Bolzacchini, Luca Ferrero
Pages 399-409

Article Full Text PDF (1.71 MB) PDF

Chemical Composition of Fine and Coarse Aerosol Particles in the Central Mediterranean Area during Dust and Non-Dust Conditions
Antonella Malaguti, Mihaela Mircea, Teresa M.G. La Torretta, Chiara Telloli, Ettore Petralia, Milena Stracquadanio, Massimo Berico
Pages 410-425

Article Full Text PDF (3.4 MB) PDF

Aerosol Chemistry and Urban Air Quality

Characterization and Elemental Composition of Atmospheric Aerosol Loads during Springtime Dust Storm in Western Saudi Arabia
Mansour A. Alghamdi, Mansour Almazroui, Magdy Shamy, Maria Ana Redal, Abdulrahman K. Alkhalaf, Mahmoud A. Hussein, Mamdouh I. Khoder
Pages 440-453

Article Full Text PDF (1.88 MB) PDF

Characterization of Black Carbon Aerosols over Darjeeling - A High Altitude Himalayan Station in Eastern India
Chirantan Sarkar, Abhijit Chatterjee, Ajay Kumar Singh, Sanjay Kumar Ghosh, Sibaji Raha
Pages 465-478

Article Full Text PDF (3.47 MB) PDF

Seasonal Variations and Sources of Carboxylic Acids in PM2.5 in Wuhan, China
Haotian Guo, Jiabin Zhou, Lei Wang, Ying Zhou, Jinpeng Yuan, Rusong Zhao
Pages 517-528

Article Full Text PDF (498 KB) PDF

Air Toxics

Bioaerosols and Health Effects

Seasonal and Diurnal Variations of Fluorescent Bioaerosol Concentration and Size Distribution in the Urban Environment
Sampo Saari, JarkkoV. Niemi, Topi Rönkkö, Heino Kuuluvainen, Anssi Järvinen, Liisa Pirjola, Minna Aurela, Risto Hillamo, Jorma Keskinen
Pages 572-581

Article Full Text PDF (1.17 MB) PDF

UV-Tolerant Culturable Bacteria in an Asian Dust Plume Transported over the East China Sea
Kazutaka Hara, Daizhou Zhang, Hiromi Matsusaki, Yasuhiro Sadanaga, Keisuke Ikeda, Sayuri Hanaoka, Shiro Hatakeyama
Pages 591-599

Article Full Text PDF (1.72 MB) PDF

Enhancement of Air Filter with TiO2 Photocatalysis for Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Removal
Chuleewan Thunyasirinon, Pipat Sribenjalux, Sitthisuntorn Supothina, Paradee Chuaybamroong
Pages 600-610

Article Full Text PDF (1.68 MB) PDF

Air Pollution Modeling

Using Radon-222 as an Indicator of Atmospheric Mixing Depth in ME-2 for PM2.5 Source Apportionment
Jagoda Crawford, Scott Chambers, David D. Cohen, Alan Griffiths, Alastair Williams, Eduard Stelcer
Pages 611-624

Article Full Text PDF (3.74 MB) PDF

Numerical Simulation of Air Flow inside Acoustic Cyclone Separator
Vladas Vekteris, Vytautas Strishka, Darius Ozarovskis, Vadim Mokshin
Pages 625-633

Article Full Text PDF (1.45 MB) PDF

Particulate Matter and Its Source Apportionment in Peshawar, Northern Pakistan
Khan Alam, Naheed Rahman, Hidayat Ullah Khan, Bibi Safia Haq, Said Rahman
Pages 634-647

Article Full Text PDF (5.13 MB) PDF

Modeling Penetration through Fibrous Filter during Dynamic Filtration
Bichao Bao, Weilang He, Huan Zhao, Bin Xu, Zhongping Lin
Pages 648-656

Article Full Text PDF (523 KB) PDF

Optical/Radiative Properties and Remote Sensing

Discrimination of Aerosol Types and Validation of MODIS Aerosol and Water Vapour Products Using a Sun Photometer over Central India
Hareef Baba Shaeb Kannemadugu, Alappat O. Varghese, Sivaprasad R. Mukkara, Ashok K. Joshi, Sanjiv V. Moharil
Pages 682-693

Article Full Text PDF (7.59 MB) PDF

Control Techniques and Strategy

PCDD/Fs Inhibition by Sludge Decomposition Gases: Effects of Sludge Dosage, Treatment Temperature and Oxygen Content
Tong Chen, Ming-Xiu Zhan, Xiao-Qing Lin, Jian-Ying Fu, Sheng-Yong Lu, Xiao-Dong Li, Alfons Buekens, Jian-Hua Yan
Pages 702-711

Article Full Text PDF (919 KB) PDF


A Review: Microalgae and Their Applications in CO2 Capture and Renewable Energy
Worasaung Klinthong, Yi-Hung Yang, Chih-Hung Huang, Chung-Sung Tan
Pages 712-742

Article Full Text PDF (1.22 MB) PDF

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