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Volume 12, No. 5, October 2012

Cover Page and Content

Modeling the Regional Dynamics of Gaseous Admixtures and Aerosols in the Areas of Lake Baikal (Russia) and Antwerp (Belgium)
A.E. Aloyan, V.O. Arutyunyan, A.N. Yermakov, V.A. Zagaynov, C. Mensink, K. De Ridder, K. Van de Vel, F. Deutsch
Pages 707-721

Article Full Text PDF (583 KB) PDF

A Review of CO2 Capture by Absorption and Adsorption
Cheng-Hsiu Yu, Chih-Hung Huang, Chung-Sung Tan
Pages 745-769

Article Full Text PDF (3.86 MB) PDF

Characterization of Atmospheric Organic and Elemental Carbon of PM2.5 in a Typical Semi-Arid Area of Northeastern China
Renjian Zhang, Jun Tao, K.F. Ho, Zhenxing Shen, Gehui Wang, Junji Cao, Suixin Liu, Leiming Zhang, S.C. Lee
Pages 792-802

Article Full Text PDF (694 KB) PDF

Measurement of Gaseous and Particulate Pollutants during Combustion of Date Palm Wastes for Energy Recovery
Yassine El May, Sophie Dorge, Mejdi Jeguirim, Gwénaelle Trouvé, Rachid Said
Pages 814-825

Article Full Text PDF (507 KB) PDF

Health Risks and Economic Costs of Absenteeism Due to Air Pollution in São Paulo, Brazil
Fernando Rodrigues-Silva, Ubiratan de Paula Santos, Paulo Hilário Nascimento Saldiva, Luis Fernando Amato-Lourenço, Simone Georges El Khouri Miraglia
Pages 826-833

Article Full Text PDF (517 KB) PDF

Assessing Long-Term Oil Mist Exposures for Workers in a Fastener Manufacturing Industry Using the Bayesian Decision Analysis Technique
Hsin-I Hsu, Mei-Ru Chen, Shih-Min Wang, Wong-Yi Chen, Ya-Fen Wang, Li-Hao Young, Yih-Shiaw Huang, Chung Sik Yoon, Perng-Jy Tsai
Pages 834-842

Article Full Text PDF (706 KB) PDF

PM, Carbon, PAH, and Particle-Extract-Induced Cytotoxicity of Emissions from a Diesel-Generator Fueled with Waste-Edible-Oil-Biodiesel
Jen-Hsiung Tsai, Shui-Jen Chen, Kuo-Lin Huang, Ta-Chang Lin, Hso-Chi Chaung, Chuen-Huey Chiu, Juei-Yu Chiu, Chih-Chung Lin, Po-Ya Tsa
Pages 843-855

Article Full Text PDF (754 KB) PDF

Air Masses and Weather Types: A Useful Tool for Characterizing Precipitation Chemistry and Wet Deposition
A.I. Calvo, V. Pont, F.J. Olmo, A. Castro, L. Alados-Arboledas, A.M. Vicente, M. Fernández-Raga, R. Fraile
Pages 856-878

Article Full Text PDF (1.36 MB) PDF

Indoor/Outdoor Relationships for Organic and Elemental Carbon in PM2.5 at Residential Homes in Guangzhou, China
J.J. Cao, H. Huang, S.C. Lee, Judith C. Chow, C.W. Zou, K.F. Ho, John G. Watson
Pages 902-910

Article Full Text PDF (253 KB) PDF

Vertical Profile and Spatial Distribution of Ozone and Its Precursors at the Inland and Offshore of an Industrial City
Hsieh-Hung Tsai, Yu-Fu Liu, Chung-Shin Yuan, Wei-Hsiang Chen, Yuan-Chung Lin, Chung-Hsuang Hung, Chitsan Lin, Yi-Hsiu Jen, Iau-Ren Ie, Horng-Yu Yang
Pages 911-922

Article Full Text PDF (503 KB) PDF

Size Differentiation of Individual Atmospheric Aerosol during Winter in Xi'an, China
Tafeng Hu, Junji Cao, Zhenxing Shen, Gehui Wang, Shuncheng Lee, Kinfai Ho
Pages 951-960

Article Full Text PDF (721 KB) PDF

Reducing Air Pollution Emissions from Burning Incense with the Addition of Calcium Carbonate
Chi-Ru Yang, Ta-Chang Lin, Yen-Shun Peng, Sun-Zone Lee, Yih-Feng Chang
Pages 972-980

Article Full Text PDF (263 KB) PDF

Effect of Negative Air Ions on Fog and Smoke
V.S. Sawant, G.S. Meena, D.B. Jadhav
Pages 1007-1015

Article Full Text PDF (291 KB) PDF

Atmospheric Dry Deposition of Polychlorinated Dibenzo-p-Dioxins/Dibenzofurans (PCDD/Fs) and Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) in Southern Taiwan
Hsiao-Hsuan Mi, Zong-Sian Wu, Long-Full Lin, Yi-Chieh Lai, Yen-Yi Lee, Lin-Chi Wang, Guo-Ping Chang-Chien
Pages 1016-1029

Article Full Text PDF (1.57 MB) PDF

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