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Volume 11, No. 4, August 2011

Cover Page and Content

Measurement System Evaluation for Upwind/Downwind Sampling of Fugitive Dust Emissions
John G. Watson, Judith C. Chow, Li Chen, Xiaoliang Wang, Thomas M. Merrifield, Philip M. Fine, Ken Barker
Pages 331-350

Article Full Text PDF (1.72 MB) PDF

Identification the Content of the Windbox Dust Related to the Formation of PCDD/Fs during the Iron Ore Sintering Process
Yu-Chieh Kuo, Yu-Cheng Chen, Chi-Wei Yang, Jin-Luh Mou, Tung-Sheng Shih, Perng-Jy Tsai
Pages 351-359

Article Full Text PDF (231 KB) PDF

Estimates of Non-Ideal Effects on the Friction Coefficient of Agglomerates
Weon Gyu Shin, George W. Mulholland, Seong Chan Kim, Jing Wang, Jacob Scheckman, David Y. H. Pui
Pages 369-375

Article Full Text PDF (316 KB) PDF

Airborne Endotoxin and β-D-glucan in PM1 in Agricultural and Home Environments
Umesh Singh, Tiina Reponen, Kyungmin J. Cho, Sergey A. Grinshpun, Atin Adhikari, Linda Levin, Reshmi Indugula, Brett J. Green
Pages 376-386

Article Full Text PDF (531 KB) PDF

Extraction of Gaseous VOCs Using Passive Needle Trap Samplers
Wen-Hsi Cheng, Weiqiang Zhan, Janusz Pawliszyn
Pages 387-392

Article Full Text PDF (266 KB) PDF

Thermal Formation of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers in Raw and Water-Washed Fly Ash
Aullya Ardhini Artha, Edward Ming-Yang Wu, Lin-Chi Wang, Chi-Hsuan Chen, Guo-Ping Chang-Chien
Pages 393-400

Article Full Text PDF (595 KB) PDF

Analysis of a Severe Dust Storm Event over China: Application of the WRF-Dust Model
Hai Bian, Xuexi Tie, Junji Cao, Zhuming Ying, Suqin Han, Yong Xue
Pages 419-428

Article Full Text PDF (7.63 MB) PDF

Removal of Particulates from Emissions of Joss Paper Furnaces
Yu-Yun Lo, I-Ching Wang, Meng-Lin Lee, Ming-Shean Chou
Pages 429-436

Article Full Text PDF (441 KB) PDF

PCDD/F Levels in the Stacks and Food of Fast Food Restaurants
Yuan-Chung Lin, Tzi-Yi Wu, Yan-Min Chen, Yi-Ping Hsieh, Ming-Tsan Hu
Pages 437-447

Article Full Text PDF (1.49 MB) PDF

Distribution Characteristics of nano-TiO2 Aerosol in the Workplace
Yi Yang, Ping Mao, Chun-lan Xu, Shou-wen Chen, Jin-hua Zhang, Zheng-ping Wang
Pages 466-472

Article Full Text PDF (1.46 MB) PDF

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