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Volume 11, No. 2, April 2011

Cover Page and Content

Local Air Pollution versus Short–range Transported Dust Episodes: A Comparative Study for Submicron Particle Number Concentration
Tareq Hussein, Rasha Abu Al-Ruz, Tuukka Petäjä, Heikki Junninen, Dia-Eddin Arafah, Kaarle Hämeri, Markku Kulmala
Pages 109-119

Article Full Text PDF (7.91 MB) PDF

Estimating Cancer Risk Increment from Air Pollutant Exposure for Sewer Workers Working in an Industrial City
Shu-Hsing Yeh, Chin-Hsing Lai, Ching-Ho Lin, Ming-Jen Chen, Hui-Tsung Hsu, Gui-Xiang Lin, Tzong-Tzeng Lin, Yuh-Wen Huang
Pages 120-127

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Analysis of the Relationship between O3, NO and NO2 in Tianjin, China
Suqin Han, Hai Bian, Yinchang Feng, Aixia Liu, Xiangjin Li, Fang Zeng, Xiaoling Zhang
Pages 128-139

Article Full Text PDF (396 KB) PDF

Speciation of Mercury (II) and Methylmercury in Cloud and Fog Water
D.R. Bittrich, S.P. Chadwick, C.L. Babiarz, H. Manolopoulos, A.P. Rutter, J.J. Schauer, D.E. Armstrong, J. Collett, P. Herckes
Pages 161-169

Article Full Text PDF (879 KB) PDF

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