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Articles in press

Measurement of Soluble and Total Hexavalent Chromium in the Ambient Airborne Particles in New Jersey
Lihui Huang, Chang Ho Yu, Philip K. Hopke, Paul J. Lioy, Brian T. Buckley, Jin Young Shin, Zhihua (Tina) Fan
Article Full Text PDF (655 KB) PDF

Levels and Composition of Ambient Particulate Matter at a Mountainous Rural Site in Northern Vietnam
Hoang Xuan Co, Nghiem Trung Dung, Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh, Nguyen Thanh Hang, Nguyen Hong Phuc, Hoang Anh Le
Article Full Text PDF (1.91 MB) PDF

Characterizing Particulate Pollutant in an Enclosed Museum in Shanghai, China
Lina Wang, Guangli Xiu, Yuanxiang Chen, Fangyuan Xu, Laiming Wu, Danian Zhang
Article Full Text PDF (961 KB) PDF

Cultural and Ritual Burning Emission Factors and Activity Levels in India
Shamsh Pervez, Rajan Chakrabarty, Shippi Dewangan, John G. Watson, Judith C. Chow, Jeevan Lal Matawle, Yasmeen Pervez
Article Full Text PDF (517 KB) PDF

Source Apportionment and Characterization of Particulate Matter (PM10) in Urban Environment of Lahore
Khan Alam, Azam Mukhtar, Imran Shahid, Thomas Blaschke, Hussain Majid, Said Rahman, Rehana Khan, Naheed Rahman
Article Full Text PDF (1.92 MB) PDF

Weekend-Weekday Effect Assessment for O3, NOx, CO and PM10 in Andalusia, Spain (2003-2008)
José Antonio Adame, Miguel Ángel Hernández-Ceballos, Mar Sorribas, Antonio Lozano, Benito Arturo De la Morena
Article Full Text PDF (686 KB) PDF

Development of PM0.1 Personal Sampler for Evaluation of Personal Exposure to Aerosol Nanoparticles
Thunyapat Thongyen, Mitsuhiko Hata, Akira Toriba, Takuji Ikeda, Hiromi Koyama, Yoshio Otani, Masami Furuuchi
Article Full Text PDF (951 KB) PDF

Diagnostic Analysis of the Sulfate Aerosol Pollution in Spring over Pearl River Delta, China
Qi Fan, Jing Lan, Yiming Liu, Xuemei Wang, Pakwai Chan, Shaojia Fan, Yingying Hong, Yexin Liu, Yanjun Zeng, Guixiong Liang, Yerong Feng
Article Full Text PDF (1.15 MB) PDF

PCDD/Fs Inhibition by Sludge Decomposition Gases: Effects of Sludge Dosage, Treatment Temperature and Oxygen Content
Tong Chen, Ming-Xiu Zhan, Xiao-Qing Lin, Jian-Ying Fu, Sheng-Yong Lu, Xiao-Dong Li, Alfons Buekens, Jian-Hua Yan
Article Full Text PDF (794 KB) PDF

Enhancement of Air Filter with TiO2 Photocatalysis for Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Removal
Chuleewan Thunyasirinon, Pipat Sribenjalux, Sitthisuntorn Supothina, Paradee Chuaybamroong
Article Full Text PDF (1.4 MB) PDF

Characterization of PM Using Multiple Site Data in a Heavily Industrialized Region of Turkey
Melik Kara, Philip K. Hopke, Yetkin Dumanoglu, Hasan Altiok, Tolga Elbir, Mustafa Odabasi, Abdurrahman Bayram
Article Full Text PDF (9.43 MB) PDF

UV-Tolerant Culturable Bacteria in an Asian Dust Plume Transported over the East China Sea
Kazutaka Hara, Daizhou Zhang, Hiromi Matsusaki, Yasuhiro Sadanaga, Keisuke Ikeda, Sayuri Hanaoka, Shiro Hatakeyama
Article Full Text PDF (1.47 MB) PDF

Biogenic Volatile Organic Compound (BVOC) Emissions from Various Endemic Tree Species in Turkey
Baris Yaman, Yagmur Meltem Aydin, Husnu Koca, Okan Dasdemir, Melik Kara, Hasan Altiok, Yetkin Dumanoglu, Abdurrahman Bayram, Doganay Tolunay, Mustafa Odabasi, Tolga Elbir
Article Full Text PDF (1011 KB) PDF

PM2.5 Chemical Source Profiles of Emissions Resulting from Industrial and Domestic Burning Activities in India
JeevanLal Matawle, Shamsh Pervez, Shippi Dewangan, Suresh Tiwari, Deewan Singh Bisht, Yasmeen F Pervez
Article Full Text PDF (990 KB) PDF

Quantification of Low Pressure Impactor Wall Deposits during Zinc Nanoparticle Sampling
Thibaut Durand, Sébastien Bau, Yves Morele, Virginie Matera, Denis Bémer, Davy Rousset
Article Full Text PDF (941 KB) PDF

Positive Matrix Factorization of 47 Years of Particle Measurements in Finnish Arctic
James R. Laing, Philip K. Hopke, Eleanor F. Hopke, Liaquat Husain, Vincent A. Dutkiewicz, Jussi Paatero, Yrjö Viisanen
Article Full Text PDF (19.43 MB) PDF

Elemental Composition of Ambient Fine Particles in Urban Schools: Sources of Children’s Exposure
Leigh R. Crilley, Godwin A. Ayoko, Eduard Stelcer, David D. Cohen, Mandana Mazaheri, Lidia Morawska
Article Full Text PDF (534 KB) PDF

Discrimination of Aerosol Types and Validation of MODIS Aerosol and Water Vapour Products Using a Sun Photometer over Central India
Hareef Baba Shaeb Kannemadugu, Alappat O. Varghese, Sivaprasad R. Mukkara, Ashok K. Joshi, Sanjiv V. Moharil
Article Full Text PDF (7.04 MB) PDF

Seasonal Variations and Sources of Carboxylic Acids in PM2.5 in Wuhan, China
Haotian Guo, Jiabin Zhou, Lei Wang, Ying Zhou, Jinpeng, Yuan, Rusong, Zhao
Article Full Text PDF (475 KB) PDF

Filterable and Condensable Fine Particulate Emissions from Stationary Sources
Hsi-Hsien Yang, Kuei-Ting Lee, Yueh-Shu Hsieh, Shao-Wei Luo, Min-Shan Li
Article Full Text PDF (275 KB) PDF

Emissions from Light-Duty Diesel and Gasoline in-use Vehicles Measured on Chassis Dynamometer Test Cycles
Célia A. Alves, Diogo J. Lopes, Ana I. Calvo, Margarita Evtyugina, Sónia Rocha, Teresa Nunes
Article Full Text PDF (830 KB) PDF

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